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Just this past April we introduced 9 new SAP Mentors. Coincidentally, this magic number 9 appears again – please join me in congratulating the newest SAP Mentors to our community!


Thanks to your nominations, we had a large pool of passionate and influential candidates from our community to choose from. This also made the selection process challenging, but in the end the SAP Mentors Advisory Board (with the help of many trusted advisors in different regions of the world) chose the best of the best community advocates. We’re excited to recognize the contributions of such a diverse group of experts, especially in areas where we see great potential for building a stronger community.

2016 August Mentors.JPG

Here’s a brief introduction to our newest SAP Mentors (including some quotes from community members):

  • Christian Lechner (Germany): After earning his PhD in 2005, Christian started to focus on SAP. He is passionate about Business Rules Management, where he is currently the moderator and Topic Leader on SCN. “Has personally helped me several times in reviewing blogs and suggesting improvements to code.” You can expect to see Christian sharing his knowledge at SAP Inside Tracks and user group events.
  • Diego Dora (Argentina): Diego is keen on sharing his knowledge of HANA, Fiori and Mobile with other technologists in Argentina (and beyond). Watch for him to lead the charge in building a community through social channels and his involvement in organizing CodeJams and meetups in Latin America.
  • Jose Nunes (Brazil): Jose is “one of the most active members in the Brazilian/Portuguese space.” As a SAP Process Integration consultant, Jose is regularly sharing his knowledge and rolling up his sleeves to support SAP Mentors to organize SAP Inside Track events. Find out more about Jose in his SCN Member of the Month Sept 2015 interview.
  • Maria Antonieta Lopez (Mexico): Marietta, as she is known, is an experienced project manager at SDI Consulting, and well-respected in the SAP community in Mexico. As a Special Interest Group leader for ASUG Mexico and co-organizer of SAP Inside Track events, she is already a familiar and influential person in the community.
  • Moazzam Ali (Pakistan): ‘MoazzaM’ as you may recognize him as, is a SAP Sales and Distribution consultant who is a regular contributor on SCN. As the Topic Leader for the SD space, he doesn’t shy from asking other SD experts for advice.
  • Raj Kumar Salla (India): Raj is an independent SAP consultant focused on Security. Our community members working with SAP HANA will recognize him as a HANA Distinguished Engineer, and a Topic Leader for the SAP HANA space.
  • Ridvan Polat (Turkey): Ridvan is one of the most active members of the SAP community in Turkey, where you’ll see him act as a role-model in sharing his Fiori and HCI knowledge as speaker and organizer at Inside Track and CodeJam events.
  • Roy Sanders (Netherlands): You won’t see much history of Roy on SCN, as he’s joining from the SAP Hybris forum. As a SAP customer at Philips Lighting, he is a very active member of the Hybris User Group BeNeLux, and frequently speaks at Hybris conferences on topics such as web development, SAP CRM, and Hybris Commerce.
  • Sven RinglingΒ  (United Kingdom): Sven is a seasoned HCM consultant and co-founder of iProCon Ltd. He is also an author for SAP Press and an active blogger on SCN. Learn more about Sven in his SCN Member of the Month March 2015 interview.


We’re looking forward to working with our newest SAP Mentors to help keep our community vibrant and SAP relevant.


Our next selection round of SAP Mentors is next April 2017. However, don’t delay in nominating any member of the SAP ecosystem who you think display the SAP Mentor Magic!

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  1. Sven Ringling

    Wow.  I feel really honoured to be considered worthy such company! 😳

    MAny humble thanks to whoever nominated me and to the board for putting me onto this illustrous list. It sounds like an empty line, but those who seems to like some of my blogs are probably not aware how much of a team effort it is. My amazing colleagues, particularly in the London team, but also from Germany may sometimes despair over teaching new tricks to the old man or UK localisations to the hun. And then there is this most inspuring group I have the pleasure and honour to meet for a monthly virtual fire side chat, the SAP HCM Insights podcast – most of them mentors or mentor alumni already. I might have left the industry already without their advice, support and friendship.

    And our professional blogger, keeps my on my toes constantly beating me on visitor numbers to SuccessFactors blog posts.

    I guess now I have to stretch quite a bit more πŸ˜₯ to justify this choice. But first, being in Duesseldorf, I celebrate with an Aktbier πŸ˜›

  2. Christopher Solomon

    Welcome all!!! …although I could have sworn Sven was already “one of us”….maybe he is just so danged active and involved….which means he is a perfect fit! πŸ˜› Looking forward to meeting you (in person or our many webinars). You are now part of a pretty special club. Grats!

    1. Sven Ringling

      LoL. I’m a master of camouflage, Chris! They call me the camaeleon. But becoming an actual mentor is definitely the second biggest honour I could possibly have expected. Yes: you guessed it: the biggest one even beating that would be to be the next James Bond to play to my talents 😎

  3. Chris Wilpert

    Congratulations to all new Mentors! Happy to be in the team of Sven R., who continuously challange me to write helpful tips and valuable content. He really is a great teacher in so many ways and the best boss (we are just allowed to call him colleague) I have ever had!

    Keep the good stuff going @ all =)

  4. Former Member

    Dear All,

    Many Congratulations to all of you.

    You all are Masters/Gurus/Mentors/Teachers/Inspirational Leaders/Community Leaders/ in your respective modules across the globe.

    We are really blessed to have you all present in SAP forums. You guys really did a great job.

    Thank you all πŸ™‚


    Muhammad Asad Qureshi

    SAP ABAP Developer –


  5. Malin Liden

    Congratulations to the new SAP Mentors and welcome to a very special family! It´s great to see such a diverse group of passionate experts joining us. I can´t wait to see what we´ll achieve together πŸ™‚

  6. M. Abdul Jamil

    Dear All,

    Many Congratulations to all of you specially Moazzam For this Achievement.

    May you be blessed with many more success like this in your career. …

    Keep up the good work



  7. Former Member

    Congratulations to our new “cubs” and welcome to the pack! Your diversity in talents and backgrounds adds a lot of value to the Mentors. We are happy to have you all and look forward to your contributions.

  8. Jose Nunes

    Thanks for the warm welcome. It’s so good to be part of this amazing team and see that we have more voices from latin america joining in.

    See you guys in Vegas πŸ˜‰

  9. Former Member

    Congratulations to the current crop of SAP Mentors. I’m glad to see this program continuing in a strong way, and to see that high quality and diversity remain hallmarks of the SAP Mentor mix. Have a great time at TechEd!


    Mark Yolton

    1. ' MoazzaM '

      Thank you sir. Your remarks really matters a lot for me. Your teachings and knowledge sharing always helped me and it has a major role in making myself an SAP consultant.


  10. Kamlesh Kumar Arya

    Congratulations to all SAP Mentors!! Specially to Moazzam Ali Sir.

    However, I was excepting his name in the Mentors list of April month. But, Late is better than never. πŸ˜†

    Sir, we have to learn many more things from you. πŸ˜‰



  11. Faisal Iqbal

    Congratulations to all.

    Dear ‘ MoazzaM ‘ I had seen some of your earlier contributions and always appreciated your approach of sharing knowledge with fellow SAP community. Its good to see you in the list of SAP Mentors, representing promising SAP Market. Keep up the good work; hope to see you more active with your new badge : )


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