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Tip in a Minute: Community Topic Pages and Tags

In this Tip in a Minute video, Jerry Janda from the SAP community team shows how to use Community Topic Pages and tags to find and follow content.

Note: If you have trouble viewing the video, please watch on YouTube (where you can watch in full screen).

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    • Hi, Mike:

      We acknowledge this is a big problem.

      We are going to publish a full list of the tags along with the corresponding links so you can go to them directly and follow them. We should have this by next week, if not sooner.

      For now, you can search a tag in the questions and/or blogs areas. You should find posts with the appropriate primary tag, then, per the video, you can click the tag and follow it. Not an ideal experience, but it's the best option until the full list of links is available.

      Best regards,


  • Hello,

    Thanks for the tips but I have 2 questions:
    1. How I can follow only blog post for a tag. I don't want to follow "Question".
    2. How can I receive alerts for a Tag.
    I'm not always connected to SAP community, I have to work too....


    • Hi, Emmanual:

      1) After you follow a tag, you'll have the option to separate by either blogs or questions. You can't, however, follow a tag for certain types of content. So filtering is the only option, I'm afraid.

      2) You'll receive alerts for tag activity via your Followed Activities, but you'll need to be in the community for that, of course. At the moment, we don't have e-mail notifications, but it is a feature very much in demand that we're exploring.

      Best regards,


  • Hi,

    Is there a way to go about creating a new Community Topic Page myself? Or, is there a person/group that I need to liaise with to create a new Community Topic Page?


    • Hi, Ana:
      At this time, there is no way to create community topic pages. The initial list of community topic pages was based upon certain criteria for the corresponding SCN space -- such as traffic, editorial support, interaction, etc. Since SCN had grown to 500 spaces, there was a decision to limit the number of community topic pages.
      Eventually, I believe the responsible team will release a process for requesting new topic pages and tags. But it doesn't exist at the moment.
      If you'd like to make any sort of request formally for the community's consideration, this post might help guide you:
      Best regards,

    • Hi, Sara:
      Internal bookmarks and followed content were not migrated. You can find more details at
      Best regards,

    • If you are logged in and go to any page for a primary tag, you should see a Follow button.

      For example: Here's the blogs page for the Training tag. You can see the Follow button in the upper right:

      Another example: Here's the Q&A page for the SD (Sales and Distribution) tag. The Follow button is under the tag (to the left):

      If you're not seeing the Follow button on these pages, and you've confirmed that you logged in, could you post a screenshot of the page?

      • Hello Jerry,

        many of the topics I would like to comment & respond to questions do not have a primary tag.For example: variant configuration, batch management, or some industries .

        I tried Questions & Answers to search for questions, but this displayed questions from the archive.

        I wanted to see the recent, unanswered questions where I have expertise to contribute.

        What's the best way to achieve this?

        Thanks, Stefan

        • Hi, Stefan:

          I have a few suggestions, observations, and questions — all of which I hope can help you.

          * You are correct that most of the Q&A responses pull from Archive. This is because the archive has the wealth of SCN discussions in it. As more people ask and answer questions in the new community, the search results should give newer results. If you’re not finding unanswered questions suited to your expertise, then it’s possible that people haven’t asked questions about those topics yet.

          * The examples you gave didn’t have their own SCN spaces either (at least with that phrasing), so they wouldn’t have received primary tags. But it’s possible that they did receive tags and they have slightly different names. For example, variant configuration isn’t a primary tag in the list available at, but PLM Variant Configuration is: And when I checked this tag, I was happy to see a recent contribution from you: Also, any of the industries served by SAP should have primary tags. Please let me know if you discover differently.

          * To tie those previous points together: Once I was aware of the PLM Variant Configuration primary tag, I was able to search for questions with that tag. And as I suspected, there just aren’t that many yet. Here’s one of the few I could find (which, coincidentally, was someone looking for the proper tags):

          * User tags might be another way for you to find content. Going back to your blog post, I saw that you had “batch management” as a user tag. When I clicked on that, I found other blogs about that topic — although I admit that doesn’t address your concern about unanswered questions. I also searched for “batch management” in Questions and Answers, and as you may have guessed, my results came from the archive. Again, however, this may simply be because no one has asked a “batch management” question yet.

          I hope this helps…or at least guides you in the right direction.

          Best regards,


          • Thank you Jerry,

            I have started to explore the tag list and subscribed to a larger number.

            Probably it boils down to a wish: To be able to filter and sort the search result in questions.

            I'll be able to work with it for now. And I am very much looking forward to any tag cloud or related future developments.

            Thanks, Stefan


          • You're welcome, Stefan.

            A better method of finding tags is high on the list of requests for new features. The spreadsheet is just meant to provide a short-term fix.

            Best regards,


  • Hi,

    I haven't had the opportunity to browse around yet, but I already see a missing feature I want to save my own blogs to a pdf format file this does not seem to be possible anymore.
    Also it seems documents and blogs have merged I don't see document section anymore?

    Kind Regards,