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SAP HCI vs Bonitasoft with famous GlobalWeather Service

Dear experts,

Is a pleasure to still sharing knowledge, now implementing the same integration but via 2 different BPM technologies:

1.- Context: in order to deliver the logic that we can follow, i have structured the below table to share the scope and main proposal of this post:

Technology References
SAP HCI This scenario is not going to be described in deep, but i can share the logic and you can learn analogically implement the solution via other links, that i will share in the last point (“references section”)…

May be you don´t know it, but it is an interesting open source BPM solution, that supports human, server and workflow connectivity, you can install it via: Bonitasoft

To simulate the HCI Scenario you can follow: Web service connector tutorial | Bonita Documentation

SAP PI It is not the objective to talk about in deep using SAP PI you can find great information to work now with HCI like Open Letter to SAP regarding HCI, but with the respect that we must to give to this technology, i can share you one of the 4 posts, to implement interfaces, and if you follow this logic shared you can implement it similar via PI: Develop and send your first outbound ABAP Proxy to SAP PI – for dummies part 1 of 3
About the service

We can go to the service: GlobalWeather Web Service

We can use soapui to test it, via the next endpoint: GlobalWeather Web Service and wsdl:

2.- Design: now we will show the logic to implement following the BPMN vision at the same time that we see the few differences for both solutions (not in deep about technologies):

Commentaries Design
1.- Bonitasoft: has a graphical proposal, integrating web portal tools, workflows via BPMN and different connectors as SOAP, SMTP, JDBC, etc… And the first different that we can visualized is that here we dont need to use Sender and Receiver Components…

2.- HCI: as we know is the SAP proposal for cloud where we dont identify in this solution the web portal, we implemented a customized solution and we are executing the integration via Start Event, with the same proposal via BPMN and different connectors as SOAP, supporting the above listed and other…

3.- Execution: here we will share the vision of different ways to execute interfaces (maybe these are more common for us, as experts in integration paradigm):

Commentaries Design
1.- Bonitasoft: has a nice web portal proposal to execute its processes, where you have the user interface, the Processes Monitoring and the log of each task executed in your company…

2.- HCI:in this case, we initiate the process via start event and adding the values internally, but you can implement a web service or other complementary solution, in order to achieve the same bonitasoft logic maybe using robust solutions like SAP FIORI, like SMP solutions or even your ABAP Back-end…

4.- Monitoring: after our designs and the executions, we want to confirm the quality of our integrations:

Commentaries Design

1.- Bonitasoft: as we commented before, via web portal you can even monitor your processes and the estatus with technical or business point of view.. But even i have 2 commentaries:

a) This is the 6.x version web version, there is a new UI web version with more power,

b) The monitoring for me is not clear and even it seems that you need to use more strategies to achieve a robust monitoring tool…

2.- HCI: in this case, we have classified the success of the message, the success of the content that was deployed and even you can find the security components even deployed…

5.- Thank you: i hope you can find clear and consistent ideas for your point of view as integrator, that you can see a challenge not to follow a step by step proposal but to implement it to gain the global vision shared… And as we know there are more technologies, so the knowledge never ends…

6.- References:

a) You can start with a simple HCI iFlow: Starting with Hana Cloud Integration? Create a simple integration flow (iFlow)!

b) You can familiarized with WSDL vision in HCI: HCI: Using Eclipse WSDL Editor for SOAP-based integration

c) You can try to implement more complex scenarios: Creating OData Service from SOAP using HCI (beta)

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