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  1. Add required webdynpro application in PFCG role
    1. open transaction code PFCG and find target role, for example SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER
    2. open the node you want to add the application
    3. Display the node details
    4. Copy Web Dynpro Applicat. (e.g. WDA_FCLM_BAM_HIERARCHY)
    5. Copy Configuration (e.g. APP_CFG_FCLM_BAM_HIERARCHY)
  2. Setup new application in transaction LPD_CUST in frontend Gateway server
    1. Add new application as following
      1. Link Text: e.g. Manage Bank Account
        Type: WDA – Web Dynpro ABAP
        Namespace: SAP
        Application: Web Dynpro Applicat. from PCFG (e.g. WDA_FCLM_BAM_HIERARCHY)
        System Alias: SAP Backend system (e.g. WSD)
        Advanced (Optional) Paramenters
        Application Alias: e.g. Manage Bank Account
        Configuraion: Configuration from PCFG (e.g. APP_CFG_FCLM_BAM_HIERARCHY)
  3. Setup tile and target mapping in Fiori Launchpad Designer
    1. Open Fiori Launchpad Designer (Current Client) in Fiori Gateway customizing

    2. Create and map new tile just as for SAPGUI transactions in Fiori

Find how to add tile for SAPGUI transaction in How to create new tile for SAPGUI transaction in Fiori Launchpad in S/4HANA Finance 1503?

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