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Using aggregation of Tiles(Standard/Custom) inside IconTabBar content

I was recently working in a SAPUI5 project where the user required to feed tiles to IconTabBar whose data was coming from json data. Naturally as per instinct, I started by keeping the standard tiles inside the TileContainer. However, the TileContainer shouldn’t be used as the IconTabFilter itself fulfills the purpose of representing the TileContainer.

Following is the correct way to represent it:

<IconTabBar class="class1" id="myID1"
  items="{/modules}" select="handleIconTabBarSelect">
  <IconTabFilter text="{subject}" content="{tutors}" key="{subject}">
  <StandardTile class="customTileforWishlistPage" title="{name}"
  number="{experience}" />

Notice that the IconTabFilter is having the aggregation “content” where the json content match itself and the corresponding data is fed into the StandardTiles.

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