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SAP BI – BO 4.1 Customization

Hello everyone,

In this document I have the intention to give you a brief introduction to the BI Customization. This will allow you to create a custom UI for users.

Where to find Customization?

Customization elements:

The Customization section contains the following section and tabs:

-Customized folders section

     On this section, you can select folders containing Web Intelligence documents for which you want to customize user interface and enable extensions.

-User Interface Elements tab

     On this tab, you can select individual interface elements to hide, such as a toolbar or tab, or their sub elements; for example a button command.

-Features tab

     On this tab, you can choose to hide all user interface elements related to a function; for example, Refresh.

-Extensions tab

     On this tab, you can enable Web Intelligence user interface extensions that you have created and deployed in your installation.

-Customized folders section

The Customization folders section contains a folder named Default Folders, which is used to define default customization. You can choose folders for which you want to apply customization by clicking the Add Folder button. To avoid redefining the same customization for other folders, you can copy customization from one folder to another by using Duplicate Customization and Paste Customization options from the drop-down list. If you want to remove customization for a specific folder, you need to remove the folder that you have added by selecting the Remove folder option from the drop-down list.

-User Interface Elements tab

There are many elements that you can customize:

for the example below we want that the selected group doesn’t have access to the “available objects in the left panel” and also that this group doesn’t see the “Design” button when opening a Webi.

So when applying this changes to a group a user belonging to that group will be the following. (the intention of this customization is create a group that has refresh only access). As you can see user doesn’t see the available objects in the left panel and only reading is available.

-Features tab

This tab is similar at the above but it has less granularity of details. For example the same behavior we can do it just removing the Design from the available features.

-Extensions tab

Only available when extensions were configured.


The customization will allow the administrator to control the UI of the different groups in a very complete way. It is possible to enable or disable elements depending on the requirements. This can be combined with the Application user security to enhance the options available when creating the security in a BO enviroment. For a complete reference please read the administrator guide:sbo41sp7_bip_admin_en.



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