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  1. Christopher Solomon

    Nice! All the info is great, but really excited to see more of intelligent services! Is it foreseeable that we will be able to embed these intelligent services into workflow in order to automate “tasks” in the background. To me, this would bring us closer to the complex workflows that on-prem allows with conditional logic, background processing, etc. possible as “steps” in the workflow. Guess I will have to “play” with them….kick the tires a bit….anyways, THANKS fr the blog!

    1. Former Member Post author

      Christopher – Great to hear from you. Yes, please try out Intelligent Services. In fact, yes, Intelligent Services can be triggered from SF workflow today … the workflow can publish an event to the “service event bus”, which other apps can detect, react to, and trigger an automated response. Adam

  2. Vasiliy Baranovskiy

    Agree with Christopher Solomon.

    Intelligent Services is one of the most valuable SuccessFactors initiatives for the past few years. I’m waiting for Intelligent Services Editor (ISE) GA  to be able to enrich and configure the behavior and notifications.

    And hope it would be the baseline for next-gen intelligent solutions like chatbots and smart nudges.


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