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FAQ Solution Types and Charging Model

How do the SAP CAL Solution Types listed in the Key Concepts in SAP CAL Documentation relate to SAP CAL charging model? Which costs will I face for running a solution?


In general we offer two types of solutions:

  1. Free solutions (no subscription needed) that come with community support and require only a cloud provider account
  2. Solutions that are fully supported and are run with a SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription (see SAP Store) and a product license

In all cases you need a hyperscaler environment to work with a solution from the catalog. You can use the function Calculate Costs in the UI to get an estimate of the infrastructure charges per solution, hyperscaler and location. The forecast refers to the official price lists and does not reflect individual contracts you might have with a hyperscaler. Note that a scheduling helps you to control costs.

1. Free Solutions

Free solutions come with dedicated Terms and Conditions which limit the usage of the solution. In general free solutions are not offered for any revenue generating purpose. All free solutions come with community support only, meaning that you can discuss possible issues here in our forum instead of contacting SAP Support.

The following solution types can be run for free:

    • Solutions with free trial period
    • Developer editions
    • Educational solutions

You don’t need a SAP CAL subscription package and a Product license to run free solutions but still need an account with a supported infrastructure provider (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform) at your own expense.


Solutions with free trial period /wp-content/uploads/2016/08/tag_trial_998014.png

Duration of usage

These solutions can be used for free for 30 days. An instance started as a trial can be continued in subscription mode, the latest after 30 days. Otherwise the trial instance will be suspended.


Trial solutions are for self education, for first hands on experience and first steps if you want to make sure that the solution provides the benefit you expect from it.

During the trial period a solution can be changed to a subscription solution by using the unlock functionality. You need a product license for the solutions and a SAP CAL subscription package which is available in SAP store. A check for both is performed in SAP CAL as soon as you choose unlock.

Terms and Conditions

According to the terms and conditions solutions in the trial period must not be used for:

    • Development, prototyping or proof of concepts
    • Hosting a training course or a workshop with employees, partners or customers
    • Applying commercial license keys or uploading data for production use to the trial systems
    • Demonstration of software to prospective customers
    • Benchmarking against competing third party products

An example of Trial Terms and conditions can be found here Trial License Agreement.


Developer Editions /wp-content/uploads/2016/08/tag_dev_998027.png

Duration of usage

Developer Editions can be run with no time limit on their use.


These solutions come with one, sometimes two users that are registered as developers. The intention of this offer is to support your self-education.

See also: How to request and install “Minisap” license keys

Terms and Conditions

According to the terms and conditions Developer editions may not be used for any type of non-development purposes. Section 3 of the developer terms and conditions summarizes the restrictions that apply for using the dev edition.

The developer Terms and Conditions are attached to this SCN article.

Developer Editions can not be continued as a subscription solution  at the moment. We are currently working on the legal framework to allow that.



Educational Solutions /wp-content/uploads/2016/08/tag_edu_998028.png

Duration of usage

These solutions can be used for free for the period that is indicated in the Terms & Conditions document attached to it (usually for 90 days). In contrast to a solution with trial period an instance can not be continued in subscription mode. Educational solutions are often part of an openSAP training course or contain content that we would not like to offer in our subscription model.


Educational solutions are often part of an openSAP training course or contain content that we would not like to offer in our subscription model.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of free trial period apply.


2. Solutions with SAP CAL Subscription

Duration of usage

There is no limitation for these solutions within SAP CAL; once you have deployed an instance of a solution in subscription mode you can run it as long as the product license you applied to the system is valid and as long as the usage is covered by a SAP CAL subscription. For purchasing SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription packages visit SAP Store or contact your Account executive.


There is also no limitation regarding usage scenarios of the solution. The usage is defined by the type of license key you apply to the system.

Most solutions can be used in a trial mode before unlocking them to be continued with a subscription. Unlocking can be done any time during the trial period. Of course a solution can be started in subscription mode from the beginning.

See also:

How to request and install product license keys for SAP solutions

We provide SAP Product support for solutions that run with a product license in accordance with the certification of the corresponding cloud provider. For more information see the following notes:

Incidents can be reported in component BC-VCM-CAL. Please note that incidents referring to the cloud infrastucture provider have to be reported to the cloud provider support.

Cost elements:

    • SAP CAL Subscription
    • Infrastructure costs for Cloud Provider
    • SAP Product License (can be a test and demo license as well)

See also  SAP CAL Terms and Conditions


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      Author's profile photo Erich Pearson
      Erich Pearson

      Hi Bettina,

      When exactly will the 30 day free trial begin? We would like to use 'Getting Started with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS03 for Content Activation Evaluation of a Customer's Own Documentation', but I'm afraid to click the 'Create Instance' button for fear it starts the trial period, and it will take 25 days just to get the Cloud Provider setup.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Erich Pearson


      Author's profile photo Stanimir Eisner
      Stanimir Eisner

      Hi Erich,

      The trial period starts when you accept the trial license agreement. So please first make sure that you have the Cloud Provider account upfront.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Shiho Sato
      Shiho Sato

      Hello Bettina ,Stanimir,


      I understood that is 'trial' ," EDU" & "DEV", but I would like to know what is "MC" also.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Shiho Sato

      Author's profile photo Koji Fukuoka
      Koji Fukuoka


      could you teach me the limitation to use this license to integrate with other product ?

      I'd like to integrate SD with Hybris product like CPQ and Commerce(we have hybris license) for testing.

      I want to know if this license is feasible or not from contract viewpoint.

      Author's profile photo Simon Muraya
      Simon Muraya


      Lets say in a scenario where you have created an SAP Business One 9.3, version for SAP HANA PL4 and deployed to Google Cloud and the current with current Dev Edition and you would like to promote the instances to production level configuration and even activate production licences, would that be possible for this scenario?

      Author's profile photo Darius Heydarian
      Darius Heydarian

      Hi Simon,

      This is not possible, as the DEV Edition is not designed/sized for productive usage
      If you want to use GCP to host SAP Business One, you need to follow the guidance of the Certified IaaS Platform:

      And the deployment guide:

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Simon Muraya
      Simon Muraya

      Hi Mr Darius Heydarian ,


      Thanks for the response.



      Simon Muraya

      Author's profile photo Fancia Luo
      Fancia Luo


      Is CAL open only to partners? Whether potential customers with Cloud Provider Account also can request a trial system?

      Author's profile photo Fabio Rodriguez
      Fabio Rodriguez

      Hi Bettina.


      We are thinking about testing one of our current business scenarios in order to 

      try the compatibility of one SAP Business Custom Application ("Z" application).


      Is this possible with the CAL Service ?

      If this option is possible, which of the services you offer would we need ?


      Thank you in advance !