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Deep Dive of Cash Position Details: Part#2

Previous one:

Cash Position Details in S/4HANA Finance 1605 (aka, Simple Finance)


1.       Report main part – Dimensions


Comparing with classic FF7A, Cash Position Details provides more flexibilities regarding reporting dimensions, not only covering dimensions that are available in classic cash: Company Code, Planning Level, Planning Group, G/L Account, Bank Account Currency and Summarization Term, but also new dimension: Bank (Bank Country, Bank Group, Bank, House Bank and Bank Rating), Bank Account (Account defined in Bank Account Management, House Bank Account) and Liquidity Item.

2.       Report main part – Key Figures


(1) Opening Balance:

Opening balance of the first reporting date is the value date opening balance confirmed by banks, technically speaking, it is the aggregated actual cash flows from One Exposure, could be from Bank Statement, FI Postings on bank G/L accounts, bank balance uploaded via excel, Liquidity Planner actuals or distributed cash management actuals during the period from 1900.01.01 to the day before reporting date.

Opening balance for the following dates are the same as closing balance of the previous date.

(2) Cash Flows:

Cash Flows of the first reporting date is the combination of cash flows whose value date is on the reporting date and before reporting date, so that, overdue cash flows can influence future forecasted balance.

Cash flows of the following dates are only flows whose value dates are on that specific date.

Cash flows show the important attributes: planning level, planning group, liquidity item and direction of cash movements.

Here cash flows are not only forecasted cash flows, most of them are forecasted flows, but if there is actual cash flow whose value date is in future, those flows are also shown as cash flows (for example, with planning level F0).

All cash flows are from One Exposure (FQM_FLOW) and Memo Records (FDES).

(3) Closing Balance:

Closing balance always equals opening balance + cash flows.

(4) Overdue:

Overdue shows all forecasted cash flows (no actuals) whose value dates are before the first reporting date.

(5) Reporting dates for next 7 days

(6) Later:

Later shows all forecasted cash flows whose value dates are after the last reporting date.

Besides Delta with Balance View, Cash Position Details provides Delta View, can be switched by clicking link in bottom-right:


In Delta View,

(1) Only cash flows whose value date on specific date are shown for the second and further reporting dates

(2) Flows for all planning levels are shown, application doesn’t differentiate the actuals and forecasts, end user can decide the attribute from planning level itself


3.       Report main part – Personalization

(1) Variant of Filters: you can save defined and frequently used selection criteria as your saved variant for Filters.

(2) Variant of Report Layout (View Settings):


End user can personalize their own layout by defining Column status (show or hide, and sequence), Sort, Filter and Group, and personalization of view settings can be saved as variant as well.

Group settings are quite flexible in standard deliver: Bank, Bank Account Group, Bank Account Currency, Bank Country, Bank Group, Bank Rating, Certainty Level, G/L Account, House Bank, House Bank Account ID, Liquidity Item, Planning Group, Planning Level and Summarization Term.

(3) User Settings


You can set Scaling, Decimals and Default View in User Settings.

You can find more reference materials in:

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Lawrence,

      I have problem at fiori cash management, the system cannot display the Bank account number at the cash position details:

      House Bank, Bank account number and GL-Account are already maintained at BAM.

      Thanks for info,



      Author's profile photo Lawrence Liang
      Lawrence Liang
      Blog Post Author

      Hello, Jimmy:

      Please check the entries in table FQM_FLOW (fields: HOUSE_BANK, HOUSE_BANK_ACCOUNT, BANK_ACCOUNT_ID), Cash Position Details read most of information from FQM_FLOW.

      BR, Lawrence

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jimmy,

      Please try filling House Bank and ID account when you are posting a document.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Lawrence - Thanks for the information. I have a question on intra day reporting.

      When we issue a payment from SAP , we have bank clearing account posted with a value date which is same as payment date for eg, 2/28 and updating the cash position report

      Again when we upload the intra day statement, the check payment updates the cash position balance, it does not post a accounting entry but still updates the cash position report with a value date from BAI2 intra day bank statement eg: 3/2

      In this case is it not duplicating the cash position report under different value dates?


      Author's profile photo IGNACIO PABLO KRISTOF


      Hi Nitya, for me yes, it  is a duplication. I know a case, in classic cash position, where the company had separate bank accounts for AR and for AP. So what we did is just to remove the AP clearing account from the grouping so Cash Position was only populated from intra day memo records. In S4 we are still implementing, so not 100% sure of what is the response in this system.



      Author's profile photo IGNACIO PABLO KRISTOF

      Thanks for the blog Lawrence. Really helpful.


      Author's profile photo Nitya Narayanan
      Nitya Narayanan

      Thanks Ignacio