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Tool For Inactive Objects- Multiple ALV Grid Display Concept

Generally some objects become inactive in the BW systems due processes like transports, system upgrades,   refresh  etc. This can result in the various issues such as failure of data load and execution of queries. There is no single standard program or transaction code in SAP, that could read out the inactive objects in BW Systems. The following program has been developed to list out inactive objects category-wise in ALV format.

These lists can be saved to excel sheets.

The program identifies and reports the list of inactive objects in the below categories.

  1. Multiproviders
  2. Aggregation Levels
  3. Infocubes
  4. Datasources
  5. Data Store Objects
  6. Infosets
  7. InfoObjects
  8. Transfer structures
  9. Transformations
  10. Open Hub destination
  11. DTP’s
  12. Update Rules
  13. Process Chains

File is attached with the code.

When you execute the program you get the following result:


To have proper naming conventions go back to the se38 editor open the program follow the steps as show in below.

1. Find GOTO in menu bar text elements selection text add the selection texts activate it.


2. Similarly double click on  “text-002 FOR FIELD x_call” in the code and maintain the text there

You can see the selection screen as below.


Now when you execute program you get the desired naming convention.


If you select all the objects in selection screen and execute, the expected output is as follows:



Single point access to all the Inactive Objects in the BW system

Eliminating manual effort to find the inactive Objects.

Can be used in case of frequent transports with huge dependencies, pre and post system upgrades & refresh to compare the list of objects


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      Former Member

      Hi Rahul,

      looks like a nice tool. Would it be possible to select also an Infoarea, from which the search would go down from? That would make it even better IMHO.

      Regards, Philipp

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Phillip,

      I have basically tried to select individual objects (example DSo Info object etc), you can modify it as per requirement. Main focus was to build alv grid display and get everything in single screen in a better way.


      Rahul S.

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      Former Member

      Hi Rahul,


      I noticed now that several type definitions are missing (ZRSDCUBE, ZRSDODSO, ZRSDIOBJ,...). Could you add that information to the source code maybe?



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      Hi Philipp,

      For the definitions that  are missing (ZRSDCUBE, ZRSDODSO, ZRSDIOBJ,…)..etc

      You can create Z structures in data dictionary and can use them.
      Example ZRSDCUBE structure based on table RSDCUBE selecting only the required fields, such as Info provider name, Object version etc.

      This will help in determining only those columns that are required in the output.

      Rahul S