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SAP Workforce Performance Builder & SuccessFactors LMS -the true combination for driving the Learning Culture


Writing this blog post about the Digital Transformation era is a great opportunity for me. As I’ve been part of the SAP SuccessFactors digital transformation initiative, I’d like to share my point of view.

It’s a fundamental belief of mine that our SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) application, when used to its full capability,  does more than help our customers drive the success of their core SAP deployment — it also helps build the overall learning culture of the organization. Think about the organizations enjoying a competitive advantage, faster innovation, and greater employee engagement; it’s clear that the root of their success is sustainable, organization-wide learning.


When we talk about the learning driven organization, we should remember the concept of 3Cs – Create, Consume & Calibrate. SAP WPB helps us to fulfill the first of the 3Cs. This means that the organization using WPB to rapidly create learning content has a definite advantage in driving its business initiative and completing its SAP project. And for a learning driven organization, SAP WPB’s usefulness continues once the project is complete: its ability to record processes and create 100% accurate e-Learning, context-sensitive user help, and process documentation extends to virtually any software the organization supports.


For the second “C”, consume, a learning-driven organization needs a methodology for distributing and assigning learning content – and they must do it so it meets the user experience expectations of a contemporary workforce . To make this possible, the organization requires an enterprise-level LMS: SAP Success Factors Learning. With its new intuitive interface, support for social learning and mobile devices, and full integration with SAP WPB, SAP SuccessFactors Learning helps drive the learning initiative for any organization that believes in the “3 Cs”.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning also helps our customers achieve the 3rd “C”, calibrate. Indeed, every organization that wants to drive its business outcomes leveraging learning needs to determine how successful its learning initiatives have been. SAP SuccessFactors Learning’s advanced analytics and integration with back-end SAP SuccessFactors systems allows them to do exactly that; it provides the functionality to go beyond tracking course completions and compliance certification to providing hard data on how learning has affected business results. 


Working together, SAP Workforce Performance Builder and SAP SuccessFactors Learning help our customers achieve each of the “3 Cs” – SAP WPB to create learning content and SAP SuccessFactors Learning to manage its consumption and calibration. I believe that combining SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Workforce Performance Builder provides our customers with the core elements of a sustainable, successful learning environment.

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  • Hello Siranddya

    We have a requirement to have a on-premise content management solution for SuccessFactors LMS and we do not consider iContent as of now. We have WPB installed and Licensed and would like to know if we can leverage SAP WPB for SuccessFactors LMS requirement.

    Appreciate your expert suggestions and advise


  • Hi Ashly,

    You can your existing on-premise WPB for content authoring & management. You can publish/upload to SAP SuccessFactors Learning content storage directly from WBP. You will get 25 GB of space by default with Learning platform. If you are not using Learning content storage aka.iContent storage, then you can publish into your on-premise content server.

  • Hello Barzorak

    Thank you, We have already consumed 25GB and this is why we are looking at possibilities to use on-premise content server integrated to SF LMS.

    Can WPB be our On-premise Content server for SF LMS or we need to consider other software technologies?



  • You can connect on-premise content server  with SF LMS and you have to do the reverse proxy setting as your on-premise content serve behind the firewall.

    But our recommendation to put content to SF LMS content server for better user experience.




  • Hi Siran,

    I have tried publishing a courses from WPB to SF Learning by creating a publishing rule for SF Learning, but the issue is that it creates the content package and content object (along with the launch URL) in SF learning but the actual content is not getting moved to the iContent server. Any thoughts on the same is much appreciated.





  • Hello Siranddya,

    Thank you for the write up.We are in the process of scoping for a learning Content Management system for a

    1.As an SAP partner, can we have resell  rights to SAP Learning Hub business edition? If so what kind of certification do we need to go through as an SAP Partner to be able to do so?

    1. What is the relationship between SAP Learning hub and SAP Workforce Performance Builder?now SAP Enable now.
    2. Can  we as SAP Partners offer to a customer  SAP learning hub business edition  together with SAP success factors ?