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Remodelling Advanced DSO

Remodelling of Advanced DSO works little different. I did not find any content on SCN so writing in this document. I am just sharing steps to activate advance dso to take effect of changes once remodelling id is created. There are plenty of documents that covers how to create / change advanced DSOs so not duplicating.

When any Advance DSO is created and data is loaded to the ADSO; and then later if it requires to remove any field or change partition criteria (like I did – changed the Hash Partition criteria in Advanced DSO); the advanced DSO does not get activated and a message shows as “Remodelling rule <rule number> <dso name> has been created instead of activation”.

See below where I tried to change to Advanced DSOs ZGLD_AD24 and ZGLD_AD37 and got below warning messages.

– hash definition has been changed

Remodelling rule 20160822  ZGLD_AD24 has been created instead of activation

– hash definition has been changed

Remodelling rule 20160822  ZGLD_AD37 has been created instead of activation


          Application Log for Activation Warning.jpg

Now to run the remodelling rule – go to transaction RSCNV_MONITOR.


Here in transaction – you will see all the remodelling rules and their steps will be marked as “Step  not started”.

          Monitor Requests.jpg

Select the Modelling Rule and “Start Request” – this will start the processing and the step status will be changed to “Step  running”. Once all the steps completed under one Advanced DSO – it will be active again and step will be marked as “Step  completed successfully”.

Following are the steps under the remodelling:

     Checking InfoProvider

     Saving InfoProvider

     Converting InfoProvider

     Activating InfoProvider

     Cleaning up

Once the remodelling job is completed all the steps will be marked green. As in below screen shot – remodelling for ZGLD_AD24 is completed where as ZGLD_AD37 is still running at process of converting infoprovider.Remodelling Completion.jpg

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  • Hi,

    suppose I developed an ADSO with 10 keys.

    Now I have data in it and we need a further key.

    I have two questions:

    Can I simply move the info object (e.g. plant – used in existing data already) so that it is a key now?

    Or do I first have to clean the ADSO? A normal DSO would require this (I tried).

    Or is it even better: The ADSO allows and uses the key also for historical data?


    Thanks a lot for tips