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Get started building IoT applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Get started building IoT applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Participate in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Power Week workshop

Eligible for partners based in EMEA & MEE

From connected cars to smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) is materializing everywhere. SAP HANA Cloud Platform together with its Internet of Things service help customers connect the core of their business to the edge of the network, gain operational efficiencies and drive the creation of new revenue models, products and services.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides the ability to quickly develop, deploy, and manage IoT applications and get real-time predictive analysis to improve intelligence and decision-making at the edge of the network, and optimize business processes at the core of your customers businesses.

IoT solutions are often complex and diverse, integrating with multiple backend systems/sensors and consisting of many components. This four-day workshop aims to enable partners to get started building IoT solutions with SAP HANA Cloud Platform through an even mix of lectures and exercises focusing on teaching the participants to develop an end-to-end IoT application, however backend integration is out of scope. The workshop covers a broad range of topics such as HANA DB modeling, development of Java REST API and Node.JS applications, reading IoT data from a sensor tag or simulation of such data, exposing OData via XS engine, API Management, building UIs with UI5, mobilizing apps via HCPms (Mobile Services and Kapsel SDK).

SAP invites you to submit your innovation use case proposals for building IoT applications with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which will be evaluated for acceptance to an onsite Power Week workshop.

Workshop location: Walldorf, October 11-14th (further details will be shared in a later communication)

Please submit your use case using the use case template and send to

The submission deadline is September 1st after which SAP will evaluate your use case prior to confirming your participation for the Power Week workshop.

We look forward to your use case submission!

Best regards,

SAP Partner Solution Center

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