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SuccessFactors Learning Management tools for efficient training administration

In any organization, there is always a growing need to develop their employee’s skills and track their growth by assessing competencies, training completions. In large organizations, learning and development administration is mammoth and time consuming task involving assigning appropriate training to targeted groups, build training content, deliver, record, assess and report training completions. This either results in a large admin team or a smaller over-worked team.

SuccessFactors Learning management module in one of the highly configurable application. Below listed are some useful tools that help learning management system administrators be more productive and efficient.

Automated Learning Assignments

Assignment profiles in SuccessFactors LMS is one of the automated ways to assign training to employees or to a group of employees who share the same training needs, based on several attributes like division, department, job role/job codes or also to custom groups. This feature reduces a ton of manual effort spent on learning assignment to employees by admins

SuccessFactors LMS can also be configured to automatically assign or remove the training from employee’s learning plan whenever employee’s job positions/ job code changes due to promotions/transfers etc. This greatly minimizes admin efforts required to delete the old training assignments and re-assign the training’s relevant to new job position

Recording learning events

Sometimes in case of instructor-led, on the job or external trainings/webinars it is required for an instructor or an administrator to record the learning event in the system in order to grant credit for training completion or even track the cost information associated with trainings for an employee. SuccessFactors LMS provides out of the box easy to use multiple learning completion recording tools, thus eliminating the admin effort in tracking these learning events externally. These recorded learning events for each user will be available for reporting in future.

Learning Event Editor

This is another powerful tool that can be leveraged by admins – Learning event editor which lets admins edit the recorded learning events for an employee.

This tool is useful when an employee is marked as no-show for an instructor-led class in spite of the employee attending the class (might have missed the sign-in sheet or have joined late). Another example would be in most of the pharmaceutical organization, it is required to attach the training completion certificate in case of mandatory training’s. In such scenarios, this tool would allow administrators to edit the learning events thus reducing the administrator effort to maintain the completion certificates in siloed systems

e-Learning Content Import tool

Most of the organizations provide the flexibility to their employees with a self-paced, interactive online training’s and hence Organizations rely on 3rd party content providers to develop the training content.

Using third party content involves a lot of administrative effort in uploading the content, validating the content etc which can be time-consuming. SuccessFactors provides a learning content management system (LCMS) out of the box with 25GB of content storage along with powerful import tool which allows administrators to quickly upload the training content in a few simple steps and one of the exciting feature is that the import tool also takes care of some standard content validations. This tool helps eliminate the dependency on 3rd party content vendors in setting up the content in SuccessFactors LMS.

To use these tools, admins can power search these tools with below names in SuccessFactors Learning

  • Record Learning – Multiple
  • Record Learning – Financial

Reports and Scheduling

There are close to 90+ standard reports available out of the box with SuccessFactors Learning management system which can help administrators track training completions, exam completions, report on employee learning plan, learning history or training status etc. If there is a need for custom reports, administrators can utilize an easy to use Online report designer tool for building the reports. You can also schedule a job to distribute the reports periodically in LMS and on ORD.


Happy learning administration !!

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