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Step-By-Step Procedure for creating Purchase Requisition using BOR interface.

This blog shows how to display and create PR using gateway services(BOR interface) in detail.

Business Object Repository(BOR) in Gateway Service:

It generally used to reduce the time required to create entity types in your data model, SAP Gateway Service Builder provideImport RFC/BOR Interface function with which you can import an existing data source and reuse this data to create new entity types with ease.

Step 1:Open Tcode SEGW and create project as shown below./wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1_1017788.png

Provide project details.


Step 2:Create entity by importing BOR interface. For this right click on Data Model and choose Import -> RFC/BOR Interface. /wp-content/uploads/2016/08/3_1017790.png

Provide the details.


Step 3: Expand and select the following fields for creating the Purchase requisition and choose next.

             Fields selected RequisitionItems(PREQ_ITEM, DOC_TYPE, MATERIAL, PLANT, QUANTITY, UNIT,



Specify the key field NUMBER and choose finish.


For displaying (READ) Purchase Requisition using BOR interface.

Step 4: Now basic definition of data model is done successfully. As a next step we need to map the fields.

                 Navigate to service implementation and create the READ to display the Purchase requisition.


Step 5: In BOR select the GetDetail for displaying the Purchase requisition details.


Select the type as Business object Repository and choose tick box.


Step 6: Now map the fields accordingly by selecting the propose mapping button as shown in below screen.


Step 7: Fields are mapped accordingly. Check the project, save and generate the project.


For Creating Purchase Requisition using BOR interface.

Step 8: For creating purchase requisition similarly map the fields by importing the BOR interface.


Step 9: Select the BOR method (CreateFromData) as shown in below screen.


Select and proceed.


Step 10: Now similarly click on propose mapping button as shown below.


Mapping will be done according. Save and generate the project.


Testing the Service:

Step 11: Display Purchase requisition


Goto Tcode /N/IWFND/MANIT_SERVICE register service.


Provide System Alias and Click on Get Service. Select Our Created Service and click on Add Selected Service.

Case 2:

Click on SAP Gateway Client.


Case 3:

Provide the following URL, Select GET and click on EXECUTE to get the sample XML of PR.


Step 12 : Create Purchase requisition


Click on Use as Request and then select POST and EXECUTE it.


Purchase requisition got created.


Case 2:

Goto SE11 table and provide the Created PR number. So below screen shows that Purchase requisition is created successfully.


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