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SAP Jam Helps Businesses Play Best to the Rhythm of Digital Transformation

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Business is as much about rhythm as life itself is. And this is not only meant in a “circle of life” kind of way but in a very literal one. Not only is rhythm – as the vital part of music – a very important part of our lives, for many of us, rhythm is the basis of what we do each day and how we do it. And this works on small and large scale: While many people like to grab the music player for a short run in the park or listen to music on the ride to work, we even tend to to do things in a certain order – as part of a routine that in itself forms a daily rhythm which is tightly bound to our personality.

Although Our capacity to move to and synchronize with a periodic pulse contains analytic elements that may only be shared by a few other species on this planetmoving and working to some kind of rhythm definitely reaches back to our ancient forefathers.

With the rhythm of business, it’s quite similar.

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Every enterprise has its own rhythm to which the energy flows through the organisation – and it flows best when things are in sync – when people are in synch.

Because digital transformation is as much about people as it is about technology. So it is not only the rhythm of digital transformation, or better: the rhythm changes that are inspired and enabled by digital transformation – that make the difference in the business. It is what happens on top of it. What people make from it. It is about how they reach the maximum potential and get the biggest benefit from the innovations and the new technology that expand their reach within the digital transformation.

But why is being in-synch so important? Why can it be vital for people to follow the same beat and work on things collaboratively – possibly at the same place and at the same time?

sap jam - 4.pngFor music it is easily explained. While good musicians might always create something from a good rhythm, the magic usually happens when everything comes together in a musical piece like in a song. When every part, every instrument, every melody, every solo – falls into place. Having said that – bringing together what people have worked on separately might not always bring the best result – just because not every part of what the musicians thought of separately is concepted for the ideas of the others. If you get those same musicians in one place and let them work together freely, they can accomplish much more. They react instantly, spontaneously and in a creative way to the other players’ ideas. In a collaborative environment that can very well mean that ideas which might normally have stayed small, things that might just have been a small spark while one is alone, become a raging fire in the right environment.

And together good players can make great music even if the rhythm keeps changing. Quite similar to what good employees can do when you bring them together in a collaborative environment. They empower one another, they create synergy. They fine tune ideas collectively. And since they are the human element of the digital revolution, this potential shouldn’t be dismissed easily.

Getting people together in a collaborative workspace means giving them a common beat.

So why SAP Jam?

It’s easy: Because SAP Jam does even more then empowering the human element of the digital revolution, more than enabling great performances in your employees; it brings and links this power to the business process, exactly where the company benefits from it the most.

We just did a Video on this topic. Be sure to check it out and visit for more information.

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