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Plan your Solution Manager 7.2 SP3 with Maintenance Planner

Solution Manager 7.2 is now in General Availability and I would like to quickly show you how to generate stack files in Maintenance Planner to get the most recent SP.

To install Solution Manager 7.2 SP3 we need to proceed with generation of two stack files: one for ABAP instance and one for JAVA instance. Therefore, we execute Maintenance Planner twice.


Firstly, log into Maintenance Planner:

We start by clicking Plan a New System

Click again on Plan

Choose the right System Type (ABAP) and Solution Manager 7.2 with SP3 as a system.

Check entries and click Next

On Select OS/DB dependent files choose User Interface Technology 7.50 (even if 7.40 is marked as recommended). Also choose files specific to your environment (like database / kernel).

Ensure you have also files required to update Solution Manager to SP3

You can also check the summary of files marked for download. Push the files to your download basket and download Stack XML file.


To generate stack file for JAVA we need to start from beginning by selecting System Type and entering desired SID.

Ensure to mark checkbox next to Solution Manager JAVA (not marked as default)

Review the selection and progress by clicking Next

Choose OS/DB dependent files

Ensure you have files required to update your JAVA stack to SP12

Push files to Download Basket and download your Stack XML file

After downloading the files you are ready to install Solution Manager 7.2 using your stack file.

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  • hi colleagues, where are the main packages of ABAP SPS3 (which means support package stack 3) e.g. SAP_ABA and SAP_Basis SP13 / SP14 and ST 720 SP3 ? If you implement your xml stack you will see that the upgrade is incomplete. best regards Ulli Voß

  • Hi Bartosz,

    Thank you for sharing Maintenance Planner steps.

    Could you also please provide step-by-step procedure or any blogs on how to install Solution Manager 7.2 using the stack file generated as you have mentioned above.

    Many Thanks.

    Best Regards

  • Hello.

    This my first installation Solution Manager 7.2 I install with 70SWPM10SP18 the Abap instance and not by the maintenance planner. (stack.xml file). I have to uninstall and start again?



    • I would suggest you to connect the system now with Maintenance Planer. You need to apply correction and Maintenance Planner is the easiest tool to get list of corrections.


  • HI,


    shouldnt this be able to be downloaded/planned as dual system since both are always necessary? i mean to remember that this option was available in the past.

    • Hello,


      since NW 7.4 there is no such thing as dual stack system. You require two separate systems: ABAP and JAVA.

      But I share your feeling that it would be good to define the whole system with a single Maintenance Planner run.

      Best regards



  • Dear Guru's,

    New Solman 7.2  SP Level 02 Installed and I want to update with SP Level 04.  In MP I am unable to find any systems and i created new system selecting plan new system and then I select maintenance and download the XML Stack File and  Software. After that How to update from SUM kindly guide me. My both stack are separate with separate SID in one system and both are running. Sick,sgen,parameters added and license aslo applied. Next what to do I am confuse kindly guide me. Thanks

  • Hello all,

    Does anyone found information about running both stack updates in parallel? In previous Solution Manager versions when using dual stack, the unified SUM process controlled when Java stack was waiting for ABAP and the other way around. Now, although in my Java instance still has dependency on ABAP UME, I see no documentation on when to run each. Specially in the downtime phase. Until reaching downtime that's not a big deal, but I want to run both downtimes in parallel to minimize unavailability. Can some one share experience or SAP documentation?


  • Hi Bartosz;

    Thank you for this block.


    Does the same procedure apply to Solution Manager 7.2 SP11 (also for S4 / Hana Systems)?

    Do I have to select in the maintanance planner  "Plan a new system" or    "Plan for SAP / 4HANA"?

    Many thanks

    Best Regards