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Learn to configure the Payroll Control Center for SAP SuccessFactors & SAP HCM

**Update 5/21/2019 – When this blog was originally written the class was a North American workshop called WNAPCC that was only available as Instructor Led Training (ILT), but it has since been converted to a global class HRH65 that can now be taught around the world and the content is now also available on Learning Hub**

I am very excited to announce the release of a new SAP/SuccessFactors class – HRH65 – SAP/SuccessFactors Payroll Control Center. This class goes into detailed configuration that will teach you how to configure the Payroll Control Center (PCC). The PCC is applicable to both SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll customers, as well as SAP On Premise Payroll customers (Including EC + SAP Payroll Hybrid Models) and as such, this class has been built to be relevant to both.

This is a class that I was fortunate enough to be able to create from scratch with a lot of freedom and flexibility. I was also fortunate to have the support and guidance of product management throughout this process. I have been working very hard the past few months to get this class ready as I have found it to be an area with a lot of misconceptions and confusion and one where there is a lot of help needed in the marketplace.

To create this class I chose to setup the Payroll Control Center from scratch in my system. I was given a SAP system on the appropriate enhancement pack and support pack level and decided to do every aspects of the configuration in order to make sure that I did understand it and could teach it and explain it. From activating the business functions and setting up Netweaver Gateway to configuring the PCC processes and writing/updating the ABAP code for validations/KPIs as well as everything in between.

There were a lot of long nights and weekends involved in setting up and configuring the PCC for this class, but now that this class is available it will help others get up to speed significantly faster and learn about the steps involved with the setup. Here is a full breakdown of the structure of the class and what all you will learn about when you attend this class

  • Unit 1 Introduction to the Payroll Control Center
    • Lesson 1 Current Payroll Process
    • Lesson 2 Payroll Control Center Overview
    • Lesson 3 PCC Technical Pre-requisites
  • Unit 2 Payroll Control Center Rapid Deployment (RDS) & Partner Solutions
    • Lesson 1 Rapid Deployment Solution Overview
    • Lesson 2 Delivered RDS Content & Partner Content
    • Lesson 3 Technical Implementation Details
  • Unit 3 Payroll Control Center Configuration
    • Lesson 1 Payroll Results Declustering
    • Lesson 2 Payroll Control Center Background Jobs
    • Lesson 3 Understanding PCC Configuration
  • Unit 4 Payroll Control Center Roles
    • Lesson 1 Manager Role
    • Lesson 2 Administrator Role
  • Unit 5 Payroll Control Center Integration
    • Lesson 1 Fiori Launchpad
    • Lesson 2 HR Renewal
    • Lesson 3 SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • Unit 6 Payroll Control Center Authorization
    • Lesson 1 SAP PCC Authorization
    • Lesson 2 Employee Central Role Based Authorization
  • Unit 7 Payroll Control Center Tools
    • Lesson 1 Audit Tools
    • Lesson 2 Reset Process Instance
    • Lesson 3 Declustering Tools
  • Unit 8: Payroll Control Center Case Study

This class has been setup using the International Payroll Area (99) and is relevant to all countries and is NOT North America specific. Feel free to sign up regardless of which country you are in.

For more information or to register, visit the website at the following link.

The course go into details and have an entire Lesson on SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll as well as showing the integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. This class is taught from an SAP HCM On Premise system.

For a non technical audience who would like overview of the Payroll Control Center capabilities without looking at configuration, see my Amazon book the book is also available as a hard copy and includes all recent innovations as of June 2019. This book is perfect for HR/Payroll end users, Executives, pre-sales/sales, marketing or any others who want to understand the capabilities of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll including the Payroll Control Center without going into the technical details and configuration.

For additional information on the Payroll Control Center see the following relevant blog posts.

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Feel free to leave any questions about this new class in the comments section below!

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  • Is there any future courses in this year planning?

    Do you know if we can utilize OM/position data for workflow instead of using the HR admin field on Infotype 0001?

    • Hi Phillip,

      We were just working on figuring out my schedule for this class and created a few more instances of the class on the calendar for this year. Check it out and sign up if it works for your schedule!

      Regarding your OM/Position question - do you mean for defining who are the Payroll Control Center Admins that can be assigned validation rules to look into? The standard implementation uses table T526 and a group on this table that you define in your configuration (Which we talk about in the class and have an exercise on).

      There is a BAdI if you want to override the standard implementation and create your own logic such as using position data.



  • I took the class in SAP Learning Hub.  Great class!  And the learning materials are very helpful!

    One important thing I would add, or I overlooked in the course, is to make sure your Spool Control defaults on your User Profile have unchecked 'Print Now' and 'Delete After Output'.  I went through the Rapid Deployment Solution in a test system (copy of Production) and was testing the PCC over the weekend remotely away from the office.  The following Monday I got an angry e-mail about killing a tree by printing so much paper!  I didn't realize that PCC would print a lot of logs in the background without informing the user it is doing so.  Also, all the background jobs that were setup in the configuration steps had print immediately set.  I had to manually change all the background jobs.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      Thanks for the response and for the positive feedback on the course! Customer feedback is very important so I have made it a point to pass this directly along to the course owners as I am no longer in Education. I dont think this is something you missed and would be helpful for others to know so it makes sense to include!



  • Quick follow up from Success Connect - is there anything on payroll control center not released that is worth waiting a bit longer for?  We are about to deploy it on 2 new projects but I wanted to make sure our timing is right for a 1/1/2021 go live.