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Multiple Notifications in one mail using Extending Notification

Extended notifications for SAP Business Workflow notify users by e-mail or SMS about the work items that need to be processed. Notifications are sent in the form of e-mail messages (HTML, Text) and SMS messages.


Below is the list of features of extended notifications.

  1. Deliver work items to any e-mail client
  2. SAP Shortcut attachments
  3. Prefix AND suffix text (surrounding work item description)
  4. Enhanced address determination
  5. Enhanced substitution handling
  6. HTML e-mail (Outlook only)
  7. Generic decisions
  8. Links to new Web UIs (WebDynpro, etc.)
  9. Lists of work items in one e-mail
  10. Support work item forwarding via e-mail

System details to configure:

Transaction SWNCONFIG is used for advanced configuration.

A batch job with program SWN_SELSEN is used to run periodically.

Example with Workflow on how it works:

In below example a workflow is created with a “User Decision” task to approve or reject an Employee details. On triggering this workflow a work item will be sent to the workflow initiators ‘Business Workplace’(TCODE  SBWP’).

The Extended notification is configured here to notify the person with a single mail for the multiple work items to be executed.

STEP 1: Workflow details:

    A workflow ‘ZTEST_WRK1′ is created as given below.


    Workflow Import/Export container ’ZTABLE’ is created of type table ‘ZXXX_WRKFLW’.


    Below are the ‘User Decision’ task details.


    Below are the ‘ZACTIVATE’ activity step details.



   Below are the ‘ZDEACTIVATE’ activity step details.



STEP 2: SWNCONFIG details:


     Below configuration is done in SWNCONFIG to send multiple notification in one consolidated mail.


     Scenario WORKFLOW controls notification for work items and is provided by SAP.


     Category ZWRKNOTIF is created as copy of category STANDARD.


Category is used to group work items form one or more single step tasks for a user.

SAP has provided one standard category ‘STANDARD’.



     In above screenshot “Delete after Send” check box is used to define whether notifications are deleted after they have been sent.If one needs to choose the reminder function this checkbox must not be chosen. Reminder function is used to send reminder notification of the work items pending; it is set up in Subscriptions.

In Assign message template  Delivery type is selected as EMAIL_HTML (to send HTML mail) , Granularity is selected as ‘One message contains Multiple notifications’ (to send multiple notification in one mail) and Message template is selected  as WORKFLOW1 (standard SAP template) for category ZWRKNOTIF.



     A Delivery schedule  MULTINOTIF is created as below.


  A Subscription MAIL NOTIFICATION is created for Category ZWRKNOTIF as below.

  Subscription Basic Data:


      For multiple notification in one mail Granularity is selected as “One message contains Multiple Notification”.   

     Subscription defines who receives messages for work items belonging to a particular category and when, as well as how these messages are structured.

     Once a subscription is created it cannot be linked to a different Category and at least one subscription for each delivery schedule needs to be created.

     To deactivate the subscription tick the Deactivated checkbox.

  Subscription Settings:


     The links above determines how the work items will be displayed in the notification mail.

    Filters  ZWRKNOTIF_DELTA and ZWRKNOTIF_FULL  are created in Filter Basic Data as below.


    Filter settings for filter ZWRKNOTIF_FULL and ZWRKNOTIF_DELTA  is created with the user decision task TS00008267 of workflow ‘ZTEST_WRK1′.



     Filter determines the tasks for which the the notification mail will be sent. This task Id should always be a executable task id.


   A Schedule selection ZWRKNOTIF_FULL  is created with the mail filter ZWRKNOTIF_FULL.


    Schedule Selection defines which work items are selected and when.

STEP 3: SWN_SELSEN execution:

     Workflow ‘ZTEST_WRK1′ is executed for 3 employees From SWDD transaction.

          Employee ‘XXX’ EMPID ‘XXX’.

          Employee ‘YYY’ EMPID ‘YYY’.

          Employee ‘ZZZ’ EMPID’ ‘ZZZ’.

     Report SWN_SELSEN is executed .

     A Single mail with three notification is generated for this case.


Through this consolidated mail for individual recipient will be generated.

A user will see all the executable work items in single notification.


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