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EP: UWL – Removing “Manage Substitution Rules” Option?


As we’ve covered previously Substitution is a key part of functional association to the Universal Worklist (UWL) from an operational standpoint. In a previous blog posting I covered and outlined the methodology behind managing substitution rules and how they can be disabled in the most optimal way (–unable-to-delete-a-substitution-rule). 

This blog posting covers a different viewpoint surrounding substitution and focuses solely upon trying to hide the “Manage Substitution Rule” option from different end-users.


From a high level perspective customizing an interface and the option elements it holsters is common practice among organizations in order to suit business requirements and preferences.

Manage Substitution Rule – Background

The “Manage Substitution” option you see in the dropdown image outlined above is an Action triggered directly by the UWL (Universal Worklist) itself. This is part of the standard UWL Functionality and the association Action Name is “launchSubstitutionManager”.

Manage Substitution Rule – Trying to Remove it

If you have a requirement to removal total support for substitution and its functional association a cross-reference check of the configuration in the iView Property “Display Substituted User” within (PCD Content) should reveal the current value to “yes/no”. If you want to keep tje substitution feature itself active but do not want to display the “Manage Substitution” option then add the “launchSubstitutionManager” to the iView Property of “List of UWL Actions to exclude”.



Navigate to the UWL Iview in the PCD that the end users are seeing in your standard business scenario setup.

  • E.G. pcd:portal_content/users/JoeBloggs/Roles/UWL/

When you select UWL substitution from the dropdown, next to Property Category, what is displayed here for the following parameters?

  • Add ALL Substitution Profile as default: Yes/No?
  • Disable Substitution Profiles: Yes/No?
  • Disable turn on/off buttons: Yes/No?
  • Display Create/Delete buttons: Yes/No?
  • Hide Rule Activation column: Yes/No?


Substitution Buttons & Further Pointers

Please see the article for reference, see the table at the bottom.

Here you will see the standard options which indicate whether Create and Delete buttons are displayed or not. As you should see as standard the Default setting is “Yes”. This flag provides an option to hide the Create Rule and Delete buttons from the business user.

Manage Substitution Rule – Important

If your goal in this instance remains to make users unable to create/delete rules as this functionality is not needed i.e. remove the ‘Manage Substitution Rule’ option there are some important points to highlight.

From NW 7.31 operating with the LATEST SP you can indeed remove the “Manage Substitution Rules” option from view but earlier Product Versions do not boast such a removal functionality. With the I-View Property “Display Substituted User”  you can remove the option as this property hides the Substitution Selector and the Menu Item.

Additional Guidance Documentation & Points

If we re-reference the property we discussed previously “Add All Substitution Profile as default” you will find the parameter that I am mentioning in the following:

  • SAP KBA: 1577579 – Facts and limitations about Substitution in the Universal Worklist

I’ve come across issues regarding this option before and you will see that in older UWL Component Versions that in some cases the option remained visible despite its edited exclusion.

For your reference kindly also see SAP Note: 1258676 Point 25. At UWL Substitution ‘All’ profiles used to be added automatically even if it was excluded from backend profiles. Adding ‘All’ profiles now can be properly set by the appropriate iView property as this should allow you to implement a coded fix to achieve the desired setup and subsequent display.

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