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6 Easy steps to create a connection between BO Cloud and Successfactors (SFSF)

In this blog, I will share with a few easy steps that will enable you to retrieve data from your Successfactors system and display actionable insights from your HR data.


Before we start, make sure you have an administrator access to your SuccessFactors account.



SAP SuccessFactors:


Step 1:

Go to your SFSF web portal, in my case it’s SuccessFactors Log in and insert your company ID, Username and Password.


Step 2:

Once logged in, go to Admin Center and search OAuth then select “Manage OAuth2 Client Applications”. Note: If you are unable to find Manage OAuth2… then you are not using an Administrator login.


Step 3:


Actions Image

Click “Register Client Application”.

Application name: <set your own>

Description: Optional

Application URL:

Click Generate X.509 Certificate

Common Name (CN): <set your own>


The remaining fields are optional.


Click Generate.


Next Screen:

Download the Certificate on your computer

Click Register. This will take you back to the management screen.

Click “View” on your creation 🙂


You will see a screen similar to this one.


*Important* Save them for later.

– API Key

– Downloaded Certificate (.pem)




BO Cloud:


Step 1:

Go to your BO Cloud tenant and open the connections screen. Top right dropdown, select Import Data connection, then select Successfactors.


Step 2:

Fill in the following information:

Connection Name: <set your own>

Description: Optional

Service URL: mine is (Note: Make sure you remove /odata/v2/ from the URL)

Find yours here: HCM Suite OData API

User Id: <your SFSF Username>

API Key: <copy the API key that was generated in the SFSF section above>

Private Key: <upload the .pem file that you downloaded early on>

Company Id: <your SFSF company ID>




Step 3:

Celebrate! (Probably the easiest step)



Big thanks to John Leggio and SAP Support Team who were very instrumental in resolving any issues that came along the way.

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