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Deep Dive of Cash Position Details: Part#1

Cash Position Details in S/4HANA Finance 1605 (aka, Simple Finance)


  1. 1. Filters, most of filters are easy to understand, here are several ones need to be explained further:

Certainty Level: Certainty Level describes the reliability and therefore the likelihood of a flow in One Exposure. The certainty level “ACTUAL” is the most reliable one and is used to represent a fact, this means an event that has actually happened or will actually happen. This is the definition for One Exposure, and more specifically for Cash Management or Cash Position Details, ‘ACTUAL’ means cash flows that have already happened, i.e. actual cash flows. And you can find the list of certainty levels in value help:



Each certainty level represents one source of business transaction data as you can see, and all of them are from One Exposure except MEMO for memo records (from table FDES).

When you select one certainty level in Cash Position Details, that means, you want to take that business process into account for cash position analysis, by default, Actual, Self-Initiated Cash in Transit, Financial Instrument, Optional Financial Instrument, Cash Management IDOC, FI Contract Account and Memo Records are selected.

Regarding the details of how those different business processes are integrated to One Exposure, I will explain it in details in separated blog in future.

Grouping and Summarization Term: Those two are for the same setting, which is already available in classic cash management in view V_T038. Grouping can be used to model the cash pool structure, or whatever purpose by grouping certain G/L accounts (representing bank accounts), planning level and planning group, you can also treat it as pre-defined filter variant. Summarization Term is the alias of one line or several lines selection criteria.


The reason why it is still available in new cash management is that existing classic cash management can directly leverage the legacy setup in Cash Position Details. For new customers, we would suggest customers to use new tool for cash pool, or variant of filters in Fiori app.

Liquidity Item: It is used to indicate the use and source of cash flows, which is originally available only in Liquidity Planner, because in new cash management, classic cash management and liquidity planner are replaced by One Exposure. Now it is also available to have liquidity item view in cash position details. Why I mention this is that it might be confusing for customers who are only familiar with classic cash position FF7A.

Bank Account Group: this is bank account group defined in Bank Account Management component, including standard Bank Hierarchy and free style bank account group:


Currently, Bank Account Group can only be used as filter of bank accounts.

Bank Group and Bank Rating: bank group is the business partner linked to one or several banks, which represents the group of those banks, could be different branches of CITI Bank group. And bank rating is the attribute of business partner.


This blog is already long enough after introducing the filters, let’s continue in next blog…

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