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Save Your Beta Blogs — Another Migration Is Coming on August 22!

As we continue to more toward the launch of the new community platform, we also continue to fix functionality and bring in content from the current SAP Community Network (SCN).

The next migration of blog content from SCN will occur in the evening (CET) of Monday, August 22. And as was the case with the last migration, blog content created in the beta platform will be wiped out. So if there is any beta blog content you wish to keep, you should copy, paste, and save it before next Monday.

That’s the bad news. But the good news is great news. Although we won’t be keeping the test blogs — and all beta content will eventually go away once open beta ends anyway, regardless — we will migrate a whole bunch of SCN blog content to the new platform permanently.

After this migration, documents from S and P users will become available as blogs. Personal SCN blogs will also make the move to the new platform. In order to find these personal blogs, the original posters will be prompted to retag these blogs for the new community platform.

That’s important — as the goal here is not to dump in old SCN blogs and forget them. In fact, we are taking steps to make the SCN blogs easier to find — thanks to some improvements in tagging that will come courtesy of this migration. When a blog is migrated from an SCN space, this space name will become a tag for the blog. On top of that, any of the tags assigned to the SCN blog will be exchanged to corresponding metadata from the new community experience.

This migration will bring more than new content and tags — it will also bring fixes to the blogs migrated from SCN. For example, this migration will resolve the issues with broken links and images in the migrated blogs. In addition, mentions of members in blogs will show up as links to the respective user profile.

The migration will be finished by the morning (CET) of Tuesday, August 23. After that, you’ll be able to search for the migrated content. You’ll also be able to start posting beta blogs again. And as you test the blogging solution, you’ll still have the opportunity to report bugs and offer feedback that we can address in future migrations.

While you’re playing around with the blog solution in open beta, don’t forget that you can write blog posts in SCN as well. With each and every migration, we’ll take steps to find valuable SCN content a home in the new community — so please share helpful tips, useful insights, and interesting observations in the existing community.

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  • Hi Jerry,

    How will this affect any content in the Q&A and other segments of the 1DX SCN ecology?

    Are there any additional fixes that will be coming in with the blog update?

    Regarding this paragraph:

    That's the bad news. But the good news is great news. Although we won't be keeping the test blogs -- and all beta content will eventually go away once open beta ends anyway, regardless -- we will migrate a whole bunch of SCN blog content to the new platform permanently.

    "all beta content will eventually go away" seems to be contradicted by "we will migrate a whole bunch of SCN blog content to the new platform permanently"?

    So which is it?  Goes away at the end of Open Beta or migrates there permanently?

    Thanks, Mike

    SAP Technology RIG

    • Hi, Mike:

      To my knowledge, this migration shouldn't affect Q&A content or other parts of SCN. But I'm going to double-check with a member of the IT team to make sure I have my facts straight. If I made a mistake, I'll revise the blog and indicate here as well.

      To clarify: The content created in beta via the WordPress solution, etc., will go away at the end of open beta. This is considered test content. (If you click the link in the text you copied and view the "creating, storing, and searching content in open beta" section, you'll find some additional details.) The content migrated over from SCN stays.

      RE: additional fixes. I didn't want to get too technical, so I opted to focus on the fixes that I think would be most important to users. That being said, if there is a fix in particular you're concerned about, please let me know. I'd be happy to investigate. The full list of fixes is available at SAP Community Release notes -- if that helps.

      Please let me know if you need anything else. In the meantime, I'll confirm the answer to your first question.

      Best regards,


    • Hi Mike,

      basically we are doing another blog migration from SCN to the beta landscape. The migration will include existing SCN content up to the migration date. Before we do the migration we need to clean existing blog content in the beta landscape.

      When the beta phase ends, the content will be removed from the beta landscape. It is planned that the new SAP Community will have at launch the latest SCN content for blogs, archive and followers.

      Hope this clarifies it.

      kr Mirko

        • Hi, Eleanor:

          As it turns out, we are doing another blog migration. This one will occur on Tuesday, October 4, and once again, it will wipe out all blog content in the beta system.

          I'm working on an announcement now, but since we had previously told you that the blog migrations were finished, I wanted to respond to you right away.

          Apologies for any inconvenience.

          Best regards,


  • Hi, Is there way to define what should not be migrated from scn blogs to new platform for blogs. We may have some old blogs no longer relevant any more due to various reasons so is there an opportunity to say avoid migrating those ...? Thanks, Priti

    • Hi, Priti:

      Are you referring to your own blog posts? If so, you always have the option of deleting older SCN posts. If you do that, then they shouldn't be migrated over. If they've been migrated over already, you can also delete them from the new blogging platform.

      Best regards,


      • Actually it could be several blog posts from our scn space, i was checking on behalf of one of the products and existing space. I can see some of the blogs are already migrated so this may mean we will have to delete it one by one ....

        • Hi again, Priti:

          Would you like to send me a private message with some of the blogs that are of concern to you? That may help me better understand.


          Best regards,