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Revamped SuccessFactors Delta Process with a Simple Formula

Dear SuccessFactors Partners,

We have heard your feedback loud and clear that the current Delta Certification exam model seems to be too complex and makes it difficult for you to comply (especially those that have multiple certifications). We have seen the need to make it easier and valuable for you as consultants to stay up to date on key changes. Therefore, we are introducing this new Stay Current process:

staying current.jpg

We will produce quarterly delta training material that focuses on key changes and replace Delta Certification exams with Delta Assessments. These changes will be implemented in the Learning Hub (SML for Internals). We want to ensure that you are up to date on the latest release with minimal effort required.

The certification process will look as follows: Those who newly enter the ecosystem have to pass the current Associate Certification exam. This is the first step and always the basic requirement to start your certification journey.  Secondly, as a certified consultant, you will Stay Current by reviewing the Delta Training and passing the associated assessment using your Learning Hub subscription to learn about quarterly release updates. This Delta Assessment will be taken directly from the Learning Hub without the need for a remote proctor.

Recertification may be necessary after a certain timeframe or major release change which will require you to take a new Associate Certification exam.

More details about how this will be implemented with our SuccessFactors Program will be announced in a webinar on August 24. 

staying current.jpg
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  • Not really excited with this, as SF professional should have much more expensive permanent Learning Hub subscription instead of Certification Hub.

    There is no a lot of value with Learning Hub subscription for experienced consultant, but now everybody should have it to have actual certification.

    • Hello Vasiliy,

      Please understand that in order for someone to take the Delta Assessment in Learning Hub, they must first take and pass the Associate-level Certification exam that is offered by SAP Global Certification.  So, therefore, consultants will hold an offical certification from SAP. The only difference with this program is that the Delta information will be tested in the Learning Hub. The purpose of this program is to keep certifiied consultants current in their knowledge.

      Thanks for your comment,


      • Hi Sheri! Currently I have Certification Hub subscription and passed base and delta EC exams. As I understand in the new schema, I can't pass delta in Certification Hub and should buy Learning Hub additionally.

        Am I right?

        • Hello,

          Yes, you are right.  Going forward, in order to take the new Delta Assessments, you will need a Learning Hub subscription to stay current with the latest Delta training information and to take the Delta Assessment.

          I recommend that you attend the webinar on August 24 (link above) to learn more about this program from the SAP Partner Relations representatives. If you cannot attend this webinar, I will be posting the link to the recording in this space as well.



          • Hello Vasiliy,

            The Delta Assessments are available in the Professional Edition of Learning Hub. This includes content that enables partners to support their customer projects. Learning Hub has the same value as other educational products.  The PartnerEdge edition of Learning Hub is offered as a complementary service to our partners and does not include the detailed learning material included in the Professional Edition of Learning Hub.

            Best Regards,


          • Thanks for clarifications, Sheri! However, it's an unfriendly decision towards Partners to push them acquire LH subscriptions to every SF consultant, included experts with multi-year experience.  

            What about independent professionals? How their LH and Certification Hub would be connected: via e-mail or via s-user?

          • Hello Vasiliy,

            Once you pass a Delta Assessment exam in Learning Hub, that information will automatically be transferred to Credential Manager. Your status in Credential Manager will reflect that you are "current" on the Delta Assessments.  There will be no further action required for your status to be updated in Credential Manager.

            Best Regards,


  • Dear SAP,

    As a consultant they need to be up to date on functionality and we have material on some IRR video and PDF. Then why we need to take exam again.

    As they mentioned above no one will take every Q release exam and again you people put condition recertification is required based on time frame. Then what is the use of adding in SAP learning hub and one more SAP Learning hub is paid one company has to pay get access to there employees.

    Since my last 3 years experience my first job on quarterly basis to update IRR video and IRR pdf.

    New process adding in learning hub again it is expense for Partners and taking delta also as well.

    Overall Partners ready to spend money on  both.

    • Dear OmprakashGowda,

      We appreciate your efforts to stay current on the latest SuccessFactors releases by reviewing some of the IRR and PDF information provided to you. By subscribing to Learning Hub, you will have all of the information you need to Stay Current for each release. The goal of the Stay Current program, with the associated Delta Assessment exam in the Learning Hub, is to ensure that you and your fellow consultants have all of the information that you need to be successful with the latest release of software. As stated in the blog, you will not need to take any more Delta Certification exams, only the Delta Assessment exams provided with the most current information in Learning Hub.

      I hope this aleviates some of your concerns.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Sheri,

    so in short, no voucher will be needed and there will be no need of re-exam for a module if one is up to date in hub.

    What other criteria for delta exam, and will the status be updated in Credential manager?

    Will there be four delta exams in an year, after each release cycle?

    • Dear Shruti,

      No Certification Hub voucher is required to take the Delta Assessment exam in Learning Hub, but you will require a subscription to Learning Hub. However, after a major release change or a certain timeframe, you may need to re-certify which will require you to take another full associate certification exam.

      If you fulfill all the Stay Current requirements - taking and passing the Delta Assessment exams in Learning Hub - your status of "current" will be recorded in Credential Manager.

      There will be 4 release cycles in a year for the SuccessFactors solutions. In order to fulfill the requirements of the Stay Current program, you are required to take all Delta Assessment exams each release cycle.

      Be sure to attend the webinar on August 24 to learn more about the Stay Current program (link in the first comment after the blog above).

      Hope this answers your questions.


  • Requiring a $2750 USD (currently anyway) pay-to-play subscription is going to add a tremendous burden for partners both large and small.

    As a partner with a large certification base (30+) - but also as a mid-sized company - both the man-hours and especially the annual Hub costs are significant. With 30+ unique Professional Certified individuals, we're looking at more than $80K annually in subscription fees - and lots more to keep Associate teammates current.

    Fees for the Certification Hub were not insignificant with our volume - but at least manageable at ~$500 USD.

    I don't discount the need to re-certify - but I DO question the requirement for Learning Hub. SAP documentation and IRR's have always been more than enough to Stay Current - and in fact that's what we had in the Learning Hub for the first round of Delta's.

    • Hi Cary and Vasiliy – Thank you for the feedback and very nice to meet you.  My name is Mycaah Rodriquez and I am part of the Global Partner Enablement team.

      SAP is committed to moving to a more seamless platform and user experience for all of our partner learning and certification and has started to make progress towards this with the partner Digital Enablement Platform and SAP Learning Hub as the central pillar for all our partner learning and certification.  We have seen some great partner success with the SAP Learning Hub already:  While we recognize that Partners are being asked to invest in SAP Learning Hub subscriptions each year with this new SuccessFactors delta model; we also see our partners saving thousands in training with the Sap Learning Hub for example one partner cites a 93% reduction in average cost of each training interaction, another cites 50% more consultants trained and our partner CGI, says easier access to learning has saved the company approximately $150,000 due to fewer class cancellations alone, while speeding up access to training on the latest SAP technologies by 70 percent. This has allowed CGI to double the number of consultant trainings and certifications across the company’s 3000+ consultants.  You can find more information on CGI success here and a great infographic that outlines other success with SAP Learning Hub:

      We would be happy to have a 1:1 pricing discussion with your organization  and explore all options based on your requirements. In addition right now we have a great offer that we are extending to our SuccessFactors Partners for a limited time to purchase the SAP Learning Hub Professional Public Edition at a greatly reduced rate of 1849 Euro per named user per year (50 users and below) which allows access to almost 5000 training courses and over 80 Learning rooms where learning is perpetual and you get access to collaborate with SAP trainers and experts in a virtual live environment.  So far over 250 partners with less than 50 consultants have taken advantage of this promotion to get onboard with digital training. If you would like to take advantage of this offer and purchase less than 4 licenses you just enter CLUBPARTNERS_2 if you are in NA, LAC, EMEA or MEE and if you are in APJ you can enter the code LH_DTQ32016 into or if you have more than 4 users please  reach out to me directly at and I can set you up with someone to help you through the order process. You can read more about it here:   In addition many regions participate in SAP Learning Hub being 100% MDF reimbursable.

      Again, I am here to support any and all of your training needs please reach out at any time.

      Thank you, Mycaah

  • Hi

    I have a question about what's different between certificate in LH(ex:

    Succession HCM Academy Learning Room) and SAP Certified Application Associate (ex: C_THR85_1511)?

    If I passed C_THR85_1511 how can SAP trace the delta assessment to keep my C_THR85_1511 certification. And if I have transferred to another Partner Company.



    • Hi Sandeep,

      Unfortunately the recording isn't available just yet, but we will let you know as soon as we can provide you with the link.

      Kind regards,


  • I appreciate the effort of SAP Learning Hub Team to bring all courses to one Digital platform. So my Learning Experience became 1DX (One Digital Experience) across devices (Mobile-Laptop-Tablet). Reading On Fly Dream beame true with LH.

    Kudos to SAP Learning Hub Team from Deloitte !!