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Tips and Tricks – SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Optimize your Launchpad (Part 3) Favorites

In addition to KPIs and a dedicated HOME group on the homepage, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad offers favorites, a concept which allows you to closely monitor items which are relevant to you.

Currently systems as well as SAP Notes and Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) can be marked as favorites.

Favorite systems: Before the start of the Early Adopters Program for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad in October 2015, we generated the list of favorite systems for each S-user. A system was considered a favorite system, if you had performed at least one of the following tasks within the previous year:

  • You had edited the system data.
  • You had reported an incident for that system.
  • You had requested a license key for that system

The number of favorite systems is displayed as KPI on the tile ‘System Data’


This assignment can be changed by you at any point in time within the System Data application , which allows you to perform various system-specific actions such as request new ones, edit, delete, or reassign them. The application uses a so-called “Master-Detail” Fiori floor plan for visualization. In the Master list you can switch between your favorite systems (default selection) and all systems you are authorized for.


To mark or unmark a systems as favorite, simply click the star icon in the upper part of the Detail section.


Favorite systems are stored in your user profile and can therefore be shared with various other applications. In the License Key application, for example, favorite systems are used to visualize the systems which are relevant to you.


While working in the License Key application, there is no need to navigate back to the System Data application to mark or unmark a system as favorite system. It can be done directly in the Licenses Key application’s Details view:


Other applications that are utilizing the concept of favorite systems are the various SAP Notes applications. Take for example the Security Notes application: Within this application all Security Notes relevant for specific systems can be easily filtered. The list of relevant systems comprises the list of favorite systems and the list of systems recently used e.g. within incident reporting.


The filter values offered in the attribute search are based on the same list, allowing you to quickly identify all SAP Notes and KBAs relevant for specific systems.


What about incident reporting? Yes, this applications makes also use of your favorite systems – putting them in the spotlight in the new incident form (planned to be released on August 22nd)


Favorite systems are heavily shared between various applications to focus on those items that are really relevant to you. This concept will be expanded in the future by integrating other applications such as the Text Search.

Favorite SAP Notes and KBAs: In addition to favorite systems, you can mark SAP Notes and KBAs as favorites. Marking / unmarking as favorite is done in the application to display SAP Notes and KBAs by clicking the star icon in the upper-right area.


Accessing your favorite SAP Notes and KPAs is done via the tile ‘SAP Notes & KBAs I am interested in’.


In case of updates, the number of updated favorite SAP Notes and KBAs, which have not been read yet is represented by the numeric KPI on the tile.

Within the application, the list of favorite SAP Notes and KBAs can be accessed via the tab ‘My Favorites’


Favorites with updates are marked with a flag icon in the column ‘Changes’. Unread favorites are visualized by the usage of a bold font. Once the SAP Note or KBA is read, the numeric value on the tile is adjusted accordingly.

Within this application, favorite SAP Notes and KBAs can easily be removed from the list of favorites by clicking the icon on the very right side of each row.

Summary: Favorites are a very convenient way to monitor your items of interest. The current version of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad supports favorite systems and favorite SAP Notes and KBAs – more to come. Favorites can be shared between various applications, allowing you to quickly work in your specific context. Favorites can also serve as basis for ‘Feed-like’ applications informing you about updates of your items of interest, visualized as KPIs on the homepage of your SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

Note: Piloting Program SAP ONE Support Launchpad: We are inviting interested customers to a special piloting program for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. In this program, we offer rollout and feedback sessions where we present new functionality available since the last release, give an outlook and insight on what we are currently working on, present information around the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, and collect and discuss feedback and ideas with participants. Sessions are held every 6-8 weeks. All interested customers or partners can participate without obligations. The only prerequisite is a valid Feedback Agreement. In case you would like to be involved and invited to all future sessions, simple send me an email (email address is available via my SCN Profile) with your name, S-user ID, e-mail address, and name of your company.

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