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SAP Labs Latin America hosted Autism at Work event

_MC02485On June 13th, the Autism at Work event happened at our Labs, aiming at increasing awareness on the inclusion of those with the autism spectrum disorder in the work environment.

SAP Labs Latin America is one of the pioneers in the implementation of the SAP Autism at Work program among all SAP locations and currently employs 2 people inside the spectrum to work on their development LoBs. There are also 2 employees who were hired through the regular hiring process and found out they were autistic later.

The event offered many insights for the +90 guests attending the event. Among the highlights, there was a special keynote from Jose Velasco, Global Co-lead of the SAP Autism at Work program and psychiatrist Dr. Walter Camargos Junior, who discussed the employability of people with autism.


One of the main collaborators and partners of the Autism at Work program at SAP Labs LA is Associação Pandorga, a local institution with the mission of providing a better quality of life for people in the autism spectrum and their families.

As part of the Pandorga & SAP partnership, during the coffee break, art pieces created by the students from the Pandorga institution were exhibited and guests had the opportunity to purchase the creations. All of the profits were directed to the further development of the association.

We are very proud to be pioneers of this initiative in Latin America and hope to be inspiring other locations to embrace it!


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