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SAP recently published new roadmap and just released newest version last week.  These are my rough notes from last week’s public SCN webcast.


Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies, things in the future are subject to change.


Source: SAP

What is BusinessObjects Cloud?

Sharing analytics with suppliers

Sharing with board members


Source: SAP

From KXEN acquisition

“Price point is low”

Planning for  free trial; still in works

Use tutorial system or for partner – buy instance, or customer, proof of concept; not intended for migration – for new users in the cloud


Source: SAP

The above shows the Digital Boardroom with a big screen, in an executive environment


Source: SAP

Working on industry best practices


Source: SAP

Online connectivity is focused on HANA

Data stays on premise

Soon BW, S/4HANA


Source: SAP

Data sources can be on cloud or on corporate cloud (agent installed)

Offer row-level security


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

New capabilities include connection to SuccessFactors


Source: SAP

Custom queries; cannot update queries

Replicates to cloud; limited to 40MB; look to expand to 1GB


Source: SAP


OData 2 minimum is supported


Source: SAP

Ability to copy as shown above



Source: SAP

Ability to cancel query is a new feature



Source: SAP

Ability to change languages from user preference page, new language support


Source: SAP



Source: SAP

Focus on bringing in data from other cloud solutions

iPaas – for third party data sources

Data repointing – test data source, stories, soon point data source to a different one (like production)


Source: SAP

Working on a sample of data, purely for responsive reasons

Browser support is Chrome

Additional browser support further out


Planned feature is templates; predefined layouts





Source: SAP

Planned feature is templates; predefined layouts

Visualizing/embedding, open doc style, planned for Q4



Source: SAP

Planned native mobile app; first planned for Digital Boardroom


Source: SAP


Above shows predictive plans


Subset of Q&A:
Q: Do BO Cloud support SSO?



Q:  is it possible to do chart linking i.e. if I drill down on say a column chart another table say a cross-tab gets changed? if not is it in the roadmap and expected when?

A: should be able to perform the chart linking already


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  1. Former Member


    Thank you for this post.

    I want to clerify details about OData connection.

    Is it possible to create Odata connection from on premise ABAP NW system (internal network) via SAP HANA Cloud Connector?

    Thank you in advanced,


    1. Tammy Powlas

      Hello – thank you for reading; I recommend creating a new discussion on this question as I am not familiar with the HANA Cloud Connector

  2. Former Member

    Hello Tammy,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    Is there any plan to develop templates for Digital Boardroom?

    If so, how can we develop custom templates, package them and them share to install across applications? Could you help with some insights on this topic?



    1. Tammy Powlas

      HI Megha – it is probably best to ask this as a new question in the discussions, especially since I don’t work for SAP and I don’t know.  Thank you

      1. Former Member

        Hello Henry,

        Thanks very much!

        While accessing above links I get this error – “Unfortunately, you do not have permission to view the requested information”. Could you please share any other parallel link to access this information?

        We are also looking to contribute on the similar lines and hence this question.

        It would be great if you can direct me to any links which talk about procedure of developing this customized content, if any.




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