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Dismissal Protection in Employee Central

Dear All,

today I want to share with you another exciting feature that is part of release 1608.


Its about protection against unfair dismissal. In many countries there are laws that an employee can not be fired if she is on maternity leave. Similarly in countries like where work councils are prevalent, an employee cannot be fired if he/she is part of the work council. Same way in some countries, companies cannot fire an employee just because he/she had a short-term disability.


But how do you do that in Employee Central. Surely as an administrator or manager you cant remember at the time of termination whether the person you are firing was on work council duty or had a short-term disability. So you fired the employee and now you need to face the legal action as the employee in question is suing your company. Sounds familiar?? Enter “Dismissal Protection“.

With this feature, the employee shall be protected against unfair dismissal. So when an employee is terminated for any of the reasons above, or any other reason which was configured, user would get an error message that the action is not permitted.




But wait, what if you have valid reasons to terminate the person, No problem, you also have a flexibility to configure the severity level of the message. (error/warning) against the termination reasons as applicable.


Additionally, it is also possible to also check on employee’s profile if he/she is protected against dismissal for a certain period (Available in PP3 or the new people profile). Further, the feature itself can be switched on from Admin center by customers themselves at their own convenient time.


For more details, please check out the implementation guide here.


Feedback welcome as always.


Best Regards,


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