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SAP PLM Recipe Development – what is the difference between SAP RM and SAP RD?

This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.


Are you involved in a very exciting sales opportunity? Your customer only told you, that he is interested in SAP Recipe Management for his Product Development Process. Before you start getting even more excited, let’s please understand what you customer probably means.

Here is a list of SAP functions which sound quite similar – but which actually mean quite different things: 


Now that we excluded the SAP functions your customer is not interested in this case, let’s understand what the difference between Recipe Management and Recipe Development really is:


  • SAP Recipe Management (PLM-RM) is an older SAP GUI based solution for managing recipes. It is based on the EHS-Specification Database and allows product developers to do their recipe formulations and calculations in this tool. The so called Recipe Management Workbench is launched in SAP-GUI via transaction RMWB. It is part SAP ERP….


  • SAP Recipe Development (PLM-WUI-RCP) is a newer SAP web-ui based solution for managing recipes. It also uses the same EHS-Specification Data as a backbone. The data tables for the actual recipes and formulations are however different from the predecessor solution. SAP PLM Recipe Development is part of SAPs new Business Suite S/4HANA.


  • SAP’s future with S/4HANA: SAP PLM Recipe Management (RM) is not available in SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511. … Business requirements are covered within successor functionality SAP S/4HANA PLM Recipe Development … Please read the exact details in the S/4HANA Simplification List.





SAP Recipe Management (PLM-RM)


If you type transaction “RMWB” in your SAP GUI, you will enter the Recipe Management Workbench.


old recipe managementjpg.jpg


As you can see from the screenshot above, the functions look very similar to the functions of the newer Recipe Development.

There are recipes with formulas – they use input and output substances (linked to materials) and there are various tabs for calculations and aggregations available.


Let’s now take a quick look and find out where Recipe Management Settings are hidden in the IMG. Originally SAP RM was part of the PP-PI module. Therefore the Recipe Management Settings still can be found under:

IMG: Production Planning for Process Industries – Master Data – Recipe Management




Then with ever new PLM functions appearing in the ERP system, the Recipe Management settings were regrouped under:

IMG: Logistics General – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – Recipe Management







SAP Recipe Development (PLM-WUI-RCP)


SAP Recipe Development only works in the web-ui. If you are working with SAP-GUI, please type transaction NWBC (Netweaver Business Client) and select SAP_PLMWUI_PROCESS_MENU2 or 3.


lauchn nwbc.jpg


Then the Recipe Development Work Environment appears in your default web browser.


reipce devleopment work center.jpg



You can start navigating and you can for example search for existing recipes with the Advanced Search.


When you then enter a specific recipe, you will find quite some similarities with recipe in Recipe Management.


rd recipe formula.jpg


Let’s now take a quick look at the IMG to find out where Recipe Development Settings are hidden. You can find them under:

IMG: Logistics General – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – PLM Web User Interface – Recipe Development


RD IMG LInk.jpg


Quick Summary:


  • SAP RM = old solution,  based on SAP-GUI, no more new developments from SAP, not part of S/4HANA 
  • SAP RD = new solution, based on SAP web-ui, new developments from SAP and new features with each Enhancement Pack, part of S/4HANA


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      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann



      very good writing. And you covered as well the most interesting topics. The road map of SAP: So with future SAP version we will have only Recipe Development.



      Author's profile photo Idrees Mohammed
      Idrees Mohammed


      Thanks for the information, Its very clear to understand


      Thanks & Regards


      Author's profile photo Idrees Mohammed
      Idrees Mohammed

      Hello Simon Zhang


      Referring to below link, Can you tell me which are the business component need to activate for system setup. I want to run end to end cycle including Labeling & BOM transfer / synchronization and Compliance check as well.

      Thanks & Regards