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SAP PLM Recipe Development – Tool Review: “Recipe Mass Change Tool”

This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

With SAP PLM Recipe Development the following mass change tools are available:

In today’s blog, we take a closer look at what the Recipe Mass Change Tool really can do.  The following three functions are available within the Recipe Mass Change Tool:

– recipe Mass Change for general data of recipe (e.g. mass status change)

– recipe Mass Change for recipe formula items (e.g. mass replacement of certain ingredient)

– recipe Mass Copy to new Version (copying several recipes to a new recipe version)

Let’s take a look at those functions, one-by-one.


Recipe Mass Change for General Data

First we use the advanced search to identify several quite similar recipes. We highlight them and click on “Additional Functions” – “Mass Change”.

adv search - mass change.png

In the following screen we select the mass change function: “Recipe – General Data”.

mass_change_3 possiblities.jpg

We are now in the mass change screen, where we see a list of the selected recipes. Recipes which are on status “released” cannot be edited and have to be excluded from the mass change (unless we only intend to change the status of the recipes).

With the Refine Selection function, we are able to add and remove recipes from the actual list.

mass change- general data.jpg

We now take a look at the “General Data” fields that can be changed with this function:

  • Recipe Description
  • Status ID
  • Valid From
  • Valid To
  • Quantity From
  • Quantity To
  • UoM
  • WBS Element

With the function “Change Values” and we can select a Status ID (e.g. Status “released”) which can then be applied with on click on “Apply To Selected” for all selected recipes.

mass change - change values.jpg

Function Review Rating: * * * *  (4 stars)

Function Review Summary: – user friendly – strong business case especially for Status Changes (and WBS elements)


Recipe Mass Change of Formula Items

When we now take a closer look at the mass change screen, we might at first be a bit confused as there are a lot of items appearing. In fact, all input items of the selected recipes appear in the list.

We now really need to take advantage of the “Refine Selection” function. Because we only want to replace one singe substance in all recipes, we select: “Specification” is “<Spec Number>”. Now the list of specifications per recipe is significantly reduced.

mass change recipe formula item.jpg

We now select all lines and click on “Change Values”, to change all input specification with spec-number “BEV-I3023” to spec-number “S_2218507”.  When we click on “Apply To Selected”, the change actually happens.

mass change - change formula item 2.jpg

Let’s take a quick look at the all fields we could change with this “Formula Item Mass Change”: Specification, Material, Item Description, Quantity, UoM, Component Type.

Function Review Rating: * * * * * (5 stars)

Function Review Summary: – user friendly – strong business case especially for changes of input specifications & materials, quantities and component type.


Recipe Mass Change – Create New Recipe Version

We start again with searching and identifying recipes in the Advanced Search. We click on Additional Functions – Mass Change.

mass change nwe version.jpg

Now we select the mass change function: “Recipe – Create New Version”.

Mass change create new version.jpg

After we selected all the recipe we want to copy into a new recipe version, we click “Next”.  In the next step we have the chance to review everything again. If we then continue, we finished our mass change – or shall I say “mass copy”. 

The three selected recipes where copied into corresponding three new version (each recipe was copied into a new recipe version).

mass change create new version confirmation.jpg

Function Review Rating: * * * *  (4 stars)


Function Review Summary: – straight forward – simple to use – relevant business case

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      Former Member

      Thanks for these explanations ! Can be complementary to have in mind that it is possible to create versions "in mass" from the Multiple Recipe Screen using Copy Recipe Button. It allows to generate in one time n versions of the same recipe.