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Report to Report Interface, Analysis Office to ECC Transaction

I can see this question  AO2.1 – RRI to ECC transaction (SAP Gui vs Web) | SCN  has been asked before, so I thought I would give it a try.


Analysis Office version 2.3

BW 7.5

Step 1 – set up RSBBS assignments inside BW system.


Above I am setting up the transaction to “jump to” is GD23, display document in Special Ledger (an FI transaction)


The only way I could get the document number to pass as a parameter was to set up a “Table” type parameter.  I found the above details by clicking F1 help inside the ECC transaction on the document number field.  GDN is the parameter ID found using F1 help.


Now I select the document to display the transaction for, right click, Goto, Document Display


For me the HTML Gui appears, with the document number passed through thanks to the RSBBS set up above


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  • Thank you Tamara for this post.

    BTW, could you try it with FB03 transaction?

    GD23 works well based on your information but FB03 doesn't.

    I am wondering whether it is an issue of my system or not.

    Thanks again!


    James Lim

    • Hello James,

      you have to use the right parameters which you get via F1 Help in ECC:



      Sorry for German but the fieds are the same.

      Have you done that?



      • Hi Torsten

        Sure, I did it.  Please do the exact same thing with FB03 transaction.

        I am working with BW750 SP03 and SP04.

        If it works, please let me know your BW version as well.

        Thanks again.


        James Lim

          • Hey James-

            Thanks for posting the notes that you found.  We are having an issue jumping from AO to FB03 as well.  The same settings work for FB04, but not FB03.  I referred to these notes, but don't see the connection to FB03.  Did you have to create a custom program to  execute the jump as mentioned in 363203?

            thanks for your help!


  • Thanks for the useful information Tamara.

    I am trying to navigate from Analysis Office workbook to report RKPEP003 (CJI3N Transaction selection screen output) , its working fine too, but when i am trying to pass parameters values  field POSID (WBS element Id) , i am getting different value than the passed one even though I am using all the correct fields which i get from F1 help of the field.

    So is there any way where we can debug why this wrong value is getting passed ?, or is there any help document which explains the assignments process used for receiver object in RSBBS .


    AO version : 2.3 SP 01

    BW : 740 SP03

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi, Once we do the RRI jump to ECC (ex: tcode: FB03) and pass the parameters, we are now opening up the SAP GUI for HTML session. We are prompted to login to ECC currently.

    Can Single Sign On be defined for it? We use Single Sign-on for SAP access and our users do not have passwords. BEx Analyzer used to work via Single Signon on activating the "Log On and Activate SAP GUI Connection" with Analyzer.

    Any help or insight into this will be very helpful.

    Thank you,


      HI Vivek,

      did you find the solution for the log on screen while drilling down to ECC for line item details ? we are running in ot the same issue as well. thanks

      • Hi Sanjay,

        We had to change our Single Sign-on authentication across the SAP landscape to SPNEGO using SAP Secure Login Client. This was a major effort that had to be worked on by the Basis team. We now have single sign-on via SAP GUI (as before) as well from the SAP WebGUI (required for  AO RRI to ECC SSO).

        Hope this helps.

        Thank you,


  • HI Vivek,

    did you find the solution for the log on screen while drilling down to ECC for line item details ? we are running in ot the same issue as well. thanks