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MAIN_POSTPROC/JOB_RASUVAR2 phase the job was running too long

We were performing EHP7 SP11 upgrade for our landscape. CRM, EP, PI, ADS all went fine. However in our ECC system in MAIN_POSTPROC/JOB_RASUVAR2 phase the job RASUVAR2 was running too long and the system was giving dump “DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_EMPTY” for different components. When we checked the job status it was running but it seems that it was actually doing nothing.


Upon searrching we found SAP Note 2294892 – Many dumps DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_EMPTY during upgrade which describes the exact scenario.

  • The program RASUVAR_FINISH is executed to convert the variants. It checks whether all selection variants for the programs which were previously saved in the table TASUVAR1 can still be read (further restriction of RASUVAR_FINISH is possible on the selection screen). If a variant can no longer be read, an attempt is made to read the variant values using the information from the table TASUVAR1 and to convert them to the current fields of the selection screen.
  • After the variant restorer performs the conversion (RASUVAR2 or RASUVAR_FINISH, that is, after the upgrade), use transactions SE38 or SA38 to execute the program RASUVAR_DETECT manually. It then checks the reports and the variants, and compares the results with the information contained in the table TASUVAR1. It is therefore necessary for this information (that was created before the upgrade) to remain available.

So we followed below steps to move ahead.

1) Cancel the execution of RASUVAR2 from SM37.

2) Stop SUM

3) Import the transport E4AK273146 as per SAP Note 160685 – Using the ASU variant restorer outside of the technical upgrade


4) Execute the RASUVAR_FINISH in a batch job with the default parameters



Wait for the job to be finished. It  took 1805 seconds in our case.


5) As per SAP Note 1052664 – Performance during Uppgrade – JOB_RASUVAR2, the JOB_RASUVAR2 can be canceled during the upgrade. Normally we can ignore the phase without being asked for a password. In case SAPup requires a password for the next phase, please check which toolversion of SAPup you are using (this can be found in SAPup.log).Depending on the toolversion, the next phase differs.

We were using below SAPup version so we used the password 55238 as described in the note ( <SUM Location>\SUM\abap\log\SAPup.log)

# ************************* SAPup started in PREPARE mode *************************

# This is SAPup release lmt_005 version 54.000 compile time 20:03:28 Nov 29 2015.

6) Stop SAPup Process using below command


7) Exit SAPup and call SAPup again with option “allowJump=always”


    Click on Execute.

8) Now it asks for the next pahse and the password.


9) Provide the phase name and passowrd carefully depending upon the SAPup version


10) Now select “End single step mode and continue to the next breakpoint”


11) Continue the upgrade

12) Use the pool log file generated by the program RASUVAR_FINISH to analyze the Variant issue and get them fixed after the upgrade.


2294892 – Many dumps DYN_IMEX_OBJ_NAME_EMPTY during upgrade

1052664 – Performance during Uppgrade – JOB_RASUVAR2

160685 – Using the ASU variant restorer outside of the technical upgrade

1384051 – ASU variant restorer: Consistency check after upgrade

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      Author's profile photo Anil Bhandary
      Anil Bhandary

      Good Detail Explanation for the issue we generally see during upgrade.