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Top 10 must-have SAP Fiori apps for Sourcing and Procurement

10. SAP Fiori Manage Source lists app

     SAP Fiori ‘Manage Source lists’ app enables users to create, edit, delete, or manage source lists from their mobile devices. Instantly search and view source lists based on various criteria, such as plant, material, or supplier details. You can also use purchase info records to define the sources of supply for a purchase requisition or purchase orders.

                                  Manage Source List_Screen.png

9. SAP Fiori Approve Purchase Contracts app

     SAP Fiori Approve Purchase Contracts App empowers end users to search for specific contracts, display details against each contract, approve contracts or forward it internally for further processing.

                                  Approve Purchase Contract_Screen.png

8. SAP Fiori Service Entry Sheets app

     SAP Fiori ‘Service Entry Sheets’ app provides the ability to navigate to other fact sheets such as supplier, service master data or Purchase order in order to gather information about its related key facts i.e. total value, unplanned costs and status of the service entry sheets.


7. SAP Fiori Schedule Purchasing jobs app

     SAP Fiori Schedule Purchasing Jobs app enables end users to schedule and monitor recurring, purchase-related activities, automatically create of Purchase Orders from Requisitions and schedule agreement releases.


6. SAP Fiori Order from Requisition app

     SAP Fiori Order from requisition app enables end users to match purchase requisitions from a list of appropriate suppliers, thereby allowing users to create a purchase document with reference to the requisition in turn to issue them back to supplier.


5. SAP Fiori Manage Purchase Requisition app

     SAP Fiori “Manage Purchase Requisition” app helps you optimize internal procurement process, displays the details about the supplier, thereby allowing users to create PR. Allows users to make changes, manage suppliers, edit PR details at user’s convenience.

                                   Manage Purchase Requisition_Screen.png

4. SAP Fiori Approve Requisitions app

     SAP Fiori Approve Requisition Approvals app allows managers and decision makers to view pending purchase requisitions and approve them. Alternatively, you may forward approvals to a different employee for further processing.

                                      Approve PR.jpg

3. SAP Fiori Track Purchase Order app

     SAP Fiori Track Purchase Order Overview app empowers users to track order fulfillment status, quantities, PO quantity and value, also provides a graphical view of purchase order flow while allowing managers to take more informed procurement decisions while on the move.


2. SAP Fiori Manage Purchase Order app

     SAP Fiori Manage Purchase Order app provides comprehensive purchase order details and insights for procurement managers and decision makers to take instant procurement decisions – Enter time, date and location, search and release unreleased PO documents, review, manage, and add relevant documents pertaining to PO.


1. SAP Fiori Approve Purchase Order app

     SAP Fiori “Approve Purchase Order” app empowers managers and decision makers to easily track, approve or reject purchase orders instantly. Additionally, it allows employees to forward purchase orders and requisitions within the organization if needed.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Ramya,

      Congrats for the blog. One quick doubt for the App Manage Purchase Order application, i think it is available under S4 HANA and the screen shot you given that is also different. So it is a custom application or Standard one.


      Ravi Shankar.

      Author's profile photo Ramya Ramasamy
      Ramya Ramasamy
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Ravi Shankar.

      What I have mentioned here is Standard Fiori application.But,in order to give an outlook of how the app might look I have provided the customized image.



      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good

      Hi Ramya Ramasamy - it would be very interesting to know about either the business or end user related reasons behind the order of your top ten/countdown list.  I like the summary and the screen captures, but as a comparison, I looked at #6 in the app reference library, and thought that perhaps your blog could include even more real world context and perhaps you could share more about the story for the applications.

      Author's profile photo Ramya Ramasamy
      Ramya Ramasamy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jeremy Good-Thanks for the feedback. I'll take your focuses into my record and will attempt to incorporate all the more continuous situations in my forthcoming blogs.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Awesome.. Gr8 Ramya

      Author's profile photo Mohamed Kamal
      Mohamed Kamal

      Hi ramyah,

      i have one question related to the supplier quotation, did you work on approval app before and also did try to select the po document type before it will be converted automatically through the manage quotation supplier app ??

      Author's profile photo Satish Kumar
      Satish Kumar

      Great Ramya,


      Also , do you have any list which is only reports for Procurement ( MM ) ? Please let me know if any