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Tips and Tricks SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Optimize your Launchpad (Part 2) – Personalization

With the help of KPIs, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad alerts you at a glance if a certain action is required – see part 1. Often you have your favorite set of KPIs which you need to carefully monitor. Those KPIs need to be in the spotlight. The SAP ONE Support Launchpad offers therefore a dedicated Home group. The Home group is always the first group in your launchpad allowing quick access to your favorite KPIs.

Creating a Home group can be easily done in the tile catalog of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. To open the tile catalog, click on the “Hamburger” icon in the upper left corner of your launchpad.


In the tile catalog, either use the search or browse for the tile / KPI you want to add to the Home group.


Once identified, click on the tile, and in the popup select the first entry ‘My Home’. Click Save.


You can add as many tiles as you want to your Home group. For a better overview, we propose to keep that set of tiles rather small.


  • A tile can be assigned to multiple groups
  • The list of available groups depends on the assigned role in your user profile. However, the group ‘My Home’ is always available.

Once you have finished designing your Home group, you can see the result by clicking the Home icon and navigating back to your SAP ONE Support Launchpad homepage.


The newly created Home group is now displayed at the top of your homepage, putting the spotlight on the tiles that are most important to you.


Note: Piloting Program SAP ONE Support Launchpad: We are inviting interested customers to a special piloting program for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. In this program, we offer rollout and feedback sessions where we present new functionality available since the last release, give an outlook and insight on what we are currently working on, present information around the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, and collect and discuss feedback and ideas with participants. Sessions are held every 6-8 weeks. All interested customers or partners can participate without obligations. The only prerequisite is a valid Feedback Agreement . In case you would like to be involved and invited to all future sessions, simple send me an email (email address is available via my SCN Profile) with your name, S-User, e-mail address, and name of your company.

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