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Tips and Tricks for SAP ONE Support Launchpad now available


With the introduction of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, we received feedback via various feedback channels:


  • The integrated Feedback Application (Button ‘Share your Feedback’ in Footer of SAP ONE Support Launchpad),                           
  • Social Media (SCN, Twitter, DSAGNet etc.),
  • Direct feedback from users via e.g. Account Executives, TQMs and
  • Feedback from various customer events such as SAPPHIRE.


We noticed that many questions share a common theme.  So in addition to integrating them into our regular presentations, we started to share the answers to the most frequently asked questions and interesting aspects of the SAP ONE Support Launchpad in the form of a small blog series. At the moment the following articles are available:

More to come! Please follow or bookmark this page so you don’t miss any of the upcoming articles. It is also a good idea to follow or bookmark the articles themselves, since we will update them in case of changes in the applications.

Feel free to comment this article with either feedback to the published articles or proposals for specific topics you are interested in.


Note: Piloting Program SAP ONE Support Launchpad: We invite interested customers and partners to a special piloting program for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. In this program, we offer rollout and feedback sessions where we present new functionality that has become available since the previous release, give an outlook and insight on what we are currently working on, and collect and discuss feedback and ideas with participants. Sessions are held every 6-8 weeks. All interested parties can participate without obligations. The only prerequisite is a valid Feedback Agreement with SAP.

In case you would like to be involved and invited to future sessions, simple send me an e-mail (email address is available via my SCN Profile) with your name, S-user ID, e-mail address, and name of your company.

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  • Hello Arno,

    Thanks for this page.

    I don't know if it's the right place for posting this but I would like to alert on a vert critical missing functionality when looking for SAP notes : the ability to mix search terms AND attributes.

    In my daily work in a VAR Support Center, I spend a lot of time doing this kind of search and I have been unable to find how to do it in the Support Launchpad.

    For example : I need to search notes for error message XX001 but I also want to restrict by a specific support package, or by component (or by any other attribute).

    Indeed, without the restriction by support package, I will have to open each note individually in order to check if is relevant for a specific system.

    As I work in a VAR Support Centre, I have to search notes for hundreds of different system and support package versions.

    Thanks for your help !

    Philippe Campels

    • Hi Philippe

      Thank you for your Feedback.

      Extending the Attribute Search by an input field, to enter a term is already in implementation phase and planned to be included in our next release.

      Please take a look at the Blog Series ‘Interact with SAP’ to find the best way how to submit ideas, feedback etc.

      Kind regards, Arno

      • Hello Arno,

        That is really good news, as it is definitely a must for efficiency.

        Regarding the new Note Search tool, I find it more fast generally but sometimes it just does not work.

        I have been trying to search for:

        Unable to interpret * as a number. (termination: RABAX_STATE)

        but it keeps giving time-out error (no temporary problem, as I am able to get proper results for other queries).

        The searching tool is even suggesting the full string as I start typing, but still it is impossible to get any result.

        • Hi Shkelzen,

          thanks a lot for your feedback. Sorry for the delay in my response.

          Please either create a ticket (XX-SER-SAPSMP-LAUNCH) or send me a direct email (see my profile for address), describing the steps to reproduce. I will then get back to you.

          Kind regards, Arno

  • Hi Arno
    Is it possible to add a custom link to Ariba Connect on the SAP launchpad.

    Our SAP customers want to go to ONE webpage to enter tickets.

    Until Ariba is integrated into SAP Launchpad like Success Factors is there at least an interim solution to at least externally link to Ariba Connect?

    • Hi Diana,

      thanks a lot for your feedback. Sorry for the delay in my response.

      A link is available via the tile 'Incident Dashbboard'. The tile is available in the tile catalog within the group 'Incident Management'.

      Kind regards, Arno