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Update 05 May 2017

The SAP Digital Boardroom has been designed for a three-screen touch display, to show overview, context, and detail information at the same time – all controlled at the touch of a fingertip.

We have now released a tool that supports the SAP Digital Boardroom on three touch screens, without the need to install any 3rd-party application. This tool is a Chrome app called “Multi Desktop Full Screen” and is available for unrestricted download on Github, a web-based repository for code and other content.

While in the past we had to rely on 3rd-party software (e.g. Samsung’s MagicIWB) to coordinate the touch action between the three screens, we can now leverage the touch capabilities of Windows 10. This app allows the Chrome browser to span all three screens in full-screen mode.

Alternatively, vendors’ 3rd-party software still works and may offer additional capabilities (e.g. whiteboarding).

While we can’t give recommendations on the hardware setup, with this presentation we are providing customers and partners with steps to download and install the Chrome app, as well as examples of screen set up and required Windows settings.

Additionally, this presentation covers a list of vendors and their screen models and software that have passed an initial test and work for the current version of SAP Digital Boardroom. Other display hardware/software combinations may work, but have not yet been proven.

New this quarter is improved support for Microsoft Surface Hub devices with a specific app. This UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app allows for tighter integration of the app with the capabilities of the underlying OS and hardware device. For example, integration with built-in cameras and microphone. Using annotations (aka Inking) may be the most common use case. Visit our booth at Sapphire and find out more.


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  1. Amber van Laethem

    I’ve assisted on setting up a Digital Boardroom using three CTOUCH Laser Air 55″ screens and a Dell desktop with Matrox graphics card.

    As a replacement for Samsung’s MagicIWB touch software we used the universal TimeLink MultiTouch USB driver from Touch-Base.

    1. Karsten RUF Post author


      Hi Henry, I had removed that section on purpose, since the MagicIWB doesn’t work with the new BR screens. It works with the DM models, but those are now difficult to procure.

    1. Karsten RUF Post author


      Hey Carlos,

      The DM models were required at the very beginning, when we had to rely on the Samsung app that split the desktop over three screens.

      With the Chrome extension we don’t have that dependency anymore, so pretty much any HD touch screen should work.




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