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SAP Data Services and Information Steward Installation


This Blog, helps in understanding installation process for SAP Data Services and Information Steward.

1) What you need to install SAP Data Services and Information Steward


  • Choose Platform-Linux/Windows.
  • Installing to one or Multiple Computers
  • What happens during Installation

2) What are the dependencies.

          Before you install SAP DS or Information Steward we need to decide on the platform?

               So we have two Platform where SAP DS or Information steward can be installed.

               a) Business Intelligence Platform(BI)  or

               b) Information Platform Services (IPS)

Below Diagram explains on Platform



3) Steps to be Considered When planning for installation of SAP Data Services and Information Steward.

     a) Decision to be considered on choosing Platform – Between Information Platform Services (IPS) or Business Intelligence Platform (BI)/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/2_1013216.png


     b) Deployment Scenario


We have considered to IPS (Information Platform Service) as Platform and Single server deployment when writing this blog

Below Diagram Show Component Overview by each Block



Now as we have choosen IPS as Platform lets explain on the Installation and Configuration of IPS.

We have choose Linux as OS for installating IPS and target DB as HANA- For more information on supported OS/DB refer to PAM.

     a) switch to SIDADM and change directory to installation file directory where you have downloaded and extracted the software.

     b) To check correct version of the product please read productID.txt


     c) Installation by running the following command.



                      This will commence the installation and deploy the components to the installation directory specified

        d) Select the Language



Ensure all the pre-requisites for installation are met

Check for /tmp,/var, 64 bit etc

Select any additional Languages required by the packages.

     e) Select Install Type


     f) HANA Target

     We are using HANA database for CMS, so IPS will be deploy with Sybase SQL Anywhere database at the first


Install the default Tomcat Java Web Application Server


Select to configure and install Subversion.


Choose as default Port 6410 for SIA and CMS 6400

BOE Administrator password


HANA Target

Enter Sybase SQL Anywhere Port and the password for DBA

Apache Tomcat Ports,Leave as defaults


Enter Subversion port number and password, leave as default

Select SMD Agent and Introscope Enterprise Manager for solution Manager connections

Installation Starts


HANA Target,

Post Installation

Take correct look into the Post Installation Instructions and make a note on DSN Entries for CMS and Audit Databases, which is required to migrate to HANA Database

Installation completes successfully


Will Explain Installation and Configuration of Data Services in next blog

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