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SAP Kernel Upgrade Steps in IBM i System

Kernel upgrade from release 700 to 7.21

SAP system environment

SAP ECC 6 NW 7.00 SP 21 on IBM i(OS / DB V7R1).

Kernel Upgrade Steps on IBM I

1. Stop the SAP instance, SAPOSCOL, CCMS

2.  Create the two folder in ‘rootbin’ share (Example folder names SAPK7x (SAP kernel files SAPEXE.sar,SAPEXEDB.sar,IGSEXE.sar & IGhelper.sar) & SAPILE (ILE.sar & ilrtools)

3. Add the ‘ALLOBJ’ authority in SIDADM user as mention below screenshot


4.  Create the new library using the SAP SIDADM user id  “CRTLIB SAP_TOOLS”  

5. Change the current folder name to ILE folder (For example SAPILE” CHGCURDIR /SAPILE”), and then add the library to SIDADM user

“ Addlible SAP_TOOLS”

6. First unpack the ILE.SAR & then SAP kernels sar files

            6.1   –  CALL QP2SHELL PARM(‘/QOpenSys/usr/bin/csh’ ‘-c’ ‘SAPCAR -xvf ILE.SAR iletools ILE_TOOLS; ./iletools’)

            6.2 –   CALL QP2SHELL PARM(‘/QOpenSys/usr/bin/csh’ ‘-c’ ‘SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXE.SAR iletools ILE_TOOLS; ./iletools’)

            6.3 –  Check the SAP_TOOLS library after unpack you may find all kernel objects

7.   Set the authorities of the objects in SAP_TOOLS by these commands

If you’re starting kernel is already running with the ‘newuserconcept’ set:




If you’re starting kernel is still running with the ‘classicuserconcept’ set:




NOTE: You can check the user concept in SIDADM user environment variable using the command “WRKENVVAR LEVEL(*JOB)”

8.  Apply the kernel new kernel, from the kernel sar files copied in to /SAPK7x/*


During the process you may get the below message Just reply ‘Y’

Kernel upgrade completed then check the log kernel apply log in \rootbin\sapmnt\PEC\patches\log\apysidkrn*.log

9.  Delete the SAP ABAP database Sql packages, From the SAP SIDADM user option number 4. SAP Database – select option number 5

10. In stratup profile remove the parameter “Start_Program_06 = local $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/DLTOLDPKGS SID

          Add the parameter in Instance profile – dbs/db4/dltoldpkg = no

11. Logoff & logon SIDADM  Start the SAP Instance with  new kernel,

12.  Only necessary for a dual-stack system: you must set the following parameter in the default system profile DEFAULT.PFL:

     system/type = DS


      For dual-Stack and Java-only systems: in all (Dnn, DVEBMGSnn, Jnn, JCnn etc.) instance profiles, you must set the following parameter:

        FN_JSTART = jcontrol$(FT_EXE

13 . Due to the situation described in note 1517379, you have to set the following instance profile parameter

          rslg/new_layout = 9

14. Implement the SAP Note 1610716 for correction in the finds and rectifies the inconsistencies alignment and transaction code SM66

15. The 720 and 721 kernel versions support the dynamic increase of the number of work processes at runtime. However, this function is not fully compatible         with NW 7.00 and NW 7.01. To prevent errors from occurring, deactivate it by setting the following parameters: in instance Profile

   rdisp/wp_no_restricted = 0

   rdisp/configurable_wp_no = 0

   rdisp/dynamic_wp_check = FALSE

   rdisp/wp_max_no = Sum of:( rdisp/wp_no_dia + rdisp/wp_no_vb2 + rdisp/wp_no_btc + rdisp/wp_no_vb + rdisp/wp_no_spo + rdisp/wp_no_enq )

   rdisp/del_triv_joblog = 0

   Refer the SAP note 1882691 prevent errors while displaying the job logs

16.  Refer the SAP Note 1097997 to install the New RFC SDK on System i

17. Finally execute the SGEN on IBM-I system. If you are having any Application servers based on the OS you have upgrade the kernel and then run the SGEN

18. After completed the kernel upgrade, Remove the ‘ALLOBJ’ authority in SIDADM user id refer the point number 3.

Note References for IBMi Kernel upgrade

1097751 – iSeries: Information and recommendations for kernel libraries

1716826 – Usage of the downward compatible kernel 721 (EXT)

1882691 – 7.21 kernel: Job log cannot be displayed

1610716 – Correcting runtime objects with the wrong alignment

1468596 – Trivial job logs are automatically deleted

1657890 – IBM i: STARTSAP calling DLTOLDPKG via instance profile

1713986 – Installation of kernel 721 (EXT)

1097997 – Installing SAP NW RFC SDK on System i

1581595 – rfcexec or startrfc fail after upgrade

1025361 – Installation, Support and Availability of the SAP NetWeaver RFC Library

19466    – Downloading SAP kernel patches

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      Joachim Kern

      Hi Sriram,

      You could do so, but finally do not forget to remove the *ALLOBJ authority from SIDADM.

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      S Sriram
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      Hi Joachim

      Thanks for your information.  I m forget to mention that line.