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HCI/HCP-IS: IDoc Adapter Deciphered – Part 2 – Using IDoc Numbers/Other Fields to search for your message in HCI


In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at steps to trigger an IDoc from SAP ERP to HCI from the scratch using Basic Authentication.

In Part 2 of this blog series ( this blog ), we will look at how to use IDoc Numbers to search for IDocs in HCI Message Monitoring. We will also look at options to use other fields other than IDoc numbers to search for your Message in HCI

For Standard SAP content, this has already been blogged by Abinash Nanda in his blog End2End monitoring of HCI message flow in Standard Content – Made easy. In the comments of this blog I had asked the Abhinash the question – How can this be done for Custom Integration Flows eventually leading to this documentation link of HCI.I had previously also used this technique in my blog :   HCI -Integrating SalesForce (SFDC) using HCI -Part 2 and hence this in many ways can be repetitive content on SCN but I blog about this technique to ensure there is a continuity in the entire series.

Integration Flow Configuration to enable to use IDoc Number Search

Screen Shot

As-Is recap of the Integration Flow from Part 1

  • Point to Point Integration Flow with IDoc as a Sender Channel and SFTP as a Receiver Channel
  • Additional processing / modification of messages

Add a Content Modifier to your Integration Flow

  • Modify your Integration flow to add a Content Modifier Step with the below Header
    • Name: SAP_ApplicationID
    • Type: XPATH
    • Data Type: java.lang.Integer
    • Value: <XPATH of IDoc Number> , in this case: /ORDERS05/IDOC/EDI_DC40/DOCNUM

Save & Deploy your Integration Flow & You are done!

Test Your Configuration

Description Screen Shot

Trigger your IDoc from SAP ERP & Note your IDoc Number

  • 28048 in our case


  • Go to Message Monitoring in HCI.
  • In the ID field, provide your IDoc Number
    • Note: While your IDoc can have the prefix of Zeroes, as this is saved as an Integer in the Content Modifier Header, make sure you search the IDoc without the prefixed Zeroes


  • Go to your Message Monitoring in WebUI
  • Provide the IDoc Number in the ID field

Additional Options


Use SAP_Sender and SAP_Receiver in the Content Modifier

  • Add the SAP_Sender and SAP_Receiver Field in the Content Modifier as per the screenshot.
    • SAP_Sender = EDI_DC40 –> SNRPRN
    • SAP_Receiver = EDI_DC40 -> RCVPRN
  • Save / Deploy and Test your Integration flow
  • This will change the Receiver in the Message Monitoring accordingly.

Can I change the ID to search for the PO Number instead of the IDoc Number?

Description Screenshot
  • Change the SAP_ApplicationID to point to the PO Number Field in the Content Modifier Step,
    • XPATH will change from /ORDERS05/IDOC/EDI_DC40/DOCNUM to /ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDK01/BELNR
    • Type will change from java.lang.Integer to java.lang.String
  • Save / Deploy your Integration Flow
  • Trigger a IDoc and note the PO Number . PO#2 in my case.
  • Search for PO#2 in the ID field of Message Monitoring

Note: This setting will now mean that you cannot search with your IDoc Number.

  • Re-trigger the IDoc in WE19 with same PO number and Message Monitoring with show both messages


In case when the IDoc is triggered from ERP with a packet size greater than 1, the IDoc XML will contain multiple IDoc Tags. What this would mean is that you will have multiple IDoc Numbers in the corresponding payload. Hence, this approach cannot but used with IDoc’s with packet size greater than 1.


SAP HCP-IS / HCI provides inbuilt functionality to enable searching for your messages using IDoc Number / Other Fields of the IDoc. It is as simple as adding a Content Modifier with the Header Fields – SAP_ApplicatioID and the corresponding XPATH to be used.

We will now proceed to look at extending this scenario to use a Client Authentication from SAP ERP to HCI instead of Basic Authentication in Part 3 of this blog series.

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      Harish Mistri

      Thanks for sharing the details, now the two-way authentication will be very of SCN members to implement,

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      Former Member

      Hi Bhavesh,

      Thanks Bhavesh for the good information shared.




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      Hi Bhavesh,


      I am doing scenario SAP ECC on premises to cloud application using HCI, When i am creating IFLOW  getting error product profile does not exist .


      Can you please help on this and what are the basis setting required inbetween those systems.




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      Jawad afridi

      Hello sir, I have query related to hana cloud integration on basis prospective.

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      Yatanveer Singh

      Hi Bhavesh,


      can we search with wild character, like if the order # is 1234_YATAN and I can search it with *_YATAN or some other way.