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Substitution trouble shooting (debug)

This blog’s purpose is to provide the steps to trouble shooting from the code level by debugging.

1. Execute t-code: “GGB1”, this will show you all the substitution definitions.


2. Find your own substitution definition. (in our example, we use a substitution for FI at line item level). Click on the substitution definition and then in the command field input “=shcb”. This will show the source code of the substitution.


3. In the source code part, please set a breakpoint for the target step (the target step means the steps you defined under the substitution, in our example it’s step “001” then you can set the breakpoint at line “G_STEP = ‘001’”, if you’re using other steps, let’s say it’s step 011, then you can set a breakpoint at line “G_STEP = ‘011’ ”.


4. Reproduce your issue and the system will enter debug mode, then you can trace the substitution debugging value to see where the problem is.

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