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Point of View: Integrating SAP FIORI/UI5 apps with Successfactors

The introduction of SAPUI5 technologies changed the multiple cloud services options for customers to choose from when trying to determine a path forward for Self-Services.

With each wave of Fiori apps that SAP releases, SAP is getting closer to filling in all the gaps that have existed for using Fiori as a full-featured platform for Self-Services. Prior to these latest waves, Fiori had existed in a niche where it was a very nice application set for what it did, but given its holes, it was hard to commit fully to it for HCM. However, with the latest wave of apps, as well as SAP’s release of new Overview pages to go along with the Fiori Launchpad, SAP is showing its commitment to support any customers that might want to use Fiori as the foundation for end users’ online interaction with HCM.

With that, we see that SAP HCM is already making a shift to Success Factors (SFSF) to manage most of the data on the Cloud servers.

Success Factors is no doubt the leader in HCM cloud solution providing great UI aspects but then HR Renewal can be a an alternative to a Cloud-based solution and a significant step forward from the traditional UI client content available through the SAP GUI, Net weaver Business Client, or Enterprise Portal. It is surely a big interest for those  organization who currently focused on continuing with an On Premise approach in terms of user experience.

On top comes the Fiori which is going to be the new UX for SAP solutions in the next generation.

                 Recent  Innovations

                 Planned Innovations

New Home Page based on SAP Fiori Launchpad (limited release)

New Home Page based on SAP Fiori launchpad

New To Do & Web Notifications Feed.

External SAP Fiori /SAP UI app integration in Home page.

Iframe content integration in the new Home Page and People Profile

Support for common Navigation, Theming, Proxy and other UI services.

Action Search

SAP SuccessFactors To Do integration

People Profile, Admin Center

Major new & renewed products built directly in SAPUI5 / SAP Fiori

Enable Deep-link navigation to SAP SuccessFactors from external SAP Fiori Launchpad or portal

UI Consistency –harmonized with SAP Fiori UX

                                                                                                  Upcoming FIORI Apps with Success factors

                                                                                                     List of applications

People Profiles v3

Employee Central v3

Admin Centre

Home Page v3

Embedded Analytics

Continuous Talent Management

Spot Bonus / off-cycle rewards

Comp modelling

Comp dashboard for managers

Workforce Analytics

On boarding

Forms Inbox

Learning Collections

Extension Centre

                                                                                           New Success Factors Home page:




  • Modern look and feel based on SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • Action-Oriented
  • Insights-Driven

Interoperability with SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA

  • Suite tiles can be added to the SAP Success Factor’s homepage… and vice versa
  • Customer can choose which SAP Fiori launchpad to use –facilitates hybrid deployments (e.g. SAP ERP HCM on premise with SAP Success Factors)

New Home Page tour:

  • Home Page Tour provides a guided activity to orient a user to the new features on the Home Page

Global Notifications Feed

  • Notifications can be seen on the home page itself.
  • An immediate insight into the notification details is also given on the home page.
  • The insight contains fields like short description of the content with the last updated time and many more.

Global To Dos and archive

  • It contains the list of activities to be done by the user with an option to archive the list.
  • The information displayed to user are list of activities to be done with short description and many more.

                                                                              Harmonizing SAP Fiori with SAP SuccessFactors

  • SAP Fiori is the official design language of SAP Success Factors
  • Adapt to SAP Fiori look and feel
  • Overview Page aligned with SAP Fiori2.0 (example Admin Center)

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      Author's profile photo Pamela Sheedy
      Pamela Sheedy

      How does Role Based Permissions work between the SAP tiles and the SuccessFactors tiles on the Fiori home page?  I believe the roles are diff between the two 'companies'.