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Author's profile photo Artem Ivashkin

It’s easier to say ‘I can’t’ rather than do it

Bad news everyone, HR PD-profiles will not work in CUA landscape for GRC version 10.0 and further.

If you still use GRC 5.3 and PD-profiles are being assigned in your CUA-managed system you might be wonder this situation. I also was wonder when after long negotiations I got this news.

In short, the dialogue was like that:

– PD-profiles are not being assigned in HR system.

– Do you use CUA?

– Yes

– Take it out of CUA

– Why? Our landscape based on CUA

– Dude, GRC doesn’t support PD-profiles for systems in CUA

– The previous version supported this functionality! Show me the document with this statement! 😡

– (oh, nerd !) here it is. Special for you

So, instead of developing this functionality support team has released the note saying that this will not work any more.

The best solution I ever got!

I don’t know why this impossible to make. The system could at least put the entry in the table directly like it was in the previous version.

I’m really keen on GRC AC solutions since I started to work with them, but this way of ‘problem solving’ is inappropriate for SAP (imho).

The newer version shouldn’t loose its functionality, in contrary, it should have wider spectrum of functionality.

I would be appreciated to hear some one with a large competence in this area, why useful and working functionality was kicked out in new versions.



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      Author's profile photo Kevin Tucholke
      Kevin Tucholke


      If this functionality is needed, you can put an Idea in IdeaPlace.  It is always best to be complete in your scenario as you possibly can.  I do know that Product Development pays attention to these items that are entered here and this is also where we can gain understanding of the number of customers that may be affected by the specific scenario.  Please look at this idea, you could add your comments here to get them to product development.



      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert

      it also looks like Sarma has responded against the Idea 🙂

      Author's profile photo Artem Ivashkin
      Artem Ivashkin
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Kevin,

      Thank you very much for the proposition! I've added a comment to the idea you referred.

      Saying truly, I disappointed with the idea place. The process flow is not clear. Of course, 'how it works section' describes the flow perfectly, but in fact I see that low-voted ideas is under review while high-rated ideas are still in 'submitted' status. Another problem is that some very old ideas (posted 2-3 years ago) are in status 'submitted', I believe that in 2020, when these ideas will be delivered, we will need to upgrade our GRC system to higher version, do you believe that after the changes we made in our landscape or in our business processes because of luck of functionality in current version we will return back? 🙂 It's quicker to post a message to support and wait maximum half a year the correction will be delivered.

      I've seen the funny thing in status of the idea

      Is it your influence?

      So, who takes a decision?

      And the last but not least, who does really look at the ideas? In spite of the fact that I posted messages both discussions and blogs (of course, I'm not a most-viewed blogger 😆 ) on SCN my ideas couldn't take at least 15 voices.

      However, I believe in all good things and hope that the situation with Idea place will have changed soon.



      Author's profile photo Colleen Hebbert
      Colleen Hebbert

      Hi Artem

      The Product Owner reviews Ideas Place regularly. The 15 votes to to demonstrate that there are customers out there who want to see the product team prioritise this development over another.

      In terms of how to get support - keys ways

      • Write a Blog on SCN explaining the business issue and challenge that you have. Explains the product limitation, etc and how this impacts business. Raise an Idea for it. Reference the Idea in your Blog and end with "if you agree with this, please go vote for the idea".
      • Be part of your local user group and network with local customers to rally support

      Those are two effective ways when it comes down to product design and not defect

      I'm by no means saying that your frustration is not valid - have functionality descoped is never fun. I'm less concerned about major changes to GRC (i.e. S4HANA) as that 5.3 to 10.x was a major rebuild as it moved from java platform back to ABAP only. I hope I'm not wrong here

      The other piece here is that the Support Team is not the Product Team. I assume they do communicate but the Support guys are trying to be more effective with their communication and customer interaction. They are quite active in GRC space and write a heap of Knowledge Based articles based on customer incidents. I doubt they like writing a KB to say the product doesn't do something but at least there is a formal response from some area of SAP that can be quoted 🙂

      Good luck. If you raise the Idea, I'll vote for it. That's 1 down, 14 to go 🙂



      Author's profile photo Artem Ivashkin
      Artem Ivashkin
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Colleen,

      I appreciate your answer, and I will try to follow your advice. Since we already live in a 'workaround' environment I hope that my idea will appear in GRC x.y in 3-5 years for some one else 🙂

      I'll let you know when I place the idea.



      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      "Shorry, couldn't make it". 🙂

      Since GRC has the Idea place open (lucky!) that seems like the best spot for such concerns. Drumming up the support for an idea is a challenge though since people don't just go to Idea place. You might need to use all your social channels, not just SCN. If you have any teammates with S user you can ask them to vote too. It doesn't look like the votes are limited by company (like in the customer engagement).

      But you got some attention already, so I hope this works out. Good luck!

      Author's profile photo Artem Ivashkin
      Artem Ivashkin
      Blog Post Author


      Thank you very much for the heart touching blog! As we say: 'Laugh through tears' (I don't know English idiom or phrase).

      Agree on 100% with all your statements.