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Business Context:

This service provides a procedure to capture the answer/responses from third party system( a native external application) to the C4C Survey.

Survey A2A enables the external application to send Asynchronous responses of the survey in the Cloud for Customer system through an external portal (which is part of integrated software system of the business enterprise). 

2 Response Capture Service Details

In the Survey A2A service, the structure fields are derived from the Questionnaire BO.

Query all the Questions with Answers for a Response Item:

To query all the questions in the survey we can use the below URL:


<Key1>-> corresponds to Questionnaire -> Valuation_Collection Node

<Key2>-> corresponds to Questionnaire -> Valuation Node

Below is the sample XML to capture responses

Note : 1 ) This A2A Webservice also supports the inclusion of new surveys to Visit while at the same time                    responses can be captured

          2 ) Only Survey Type ‘Checklists’ are supported with this A2A web service

<n0:SurveyResponseMaintainBundleRequest xmlns:n0=>
<UUID >12345678-90AB-CDEF-0123-456789ABCDEF</UUID>
“Business System (Sender ID) Message communication arrangement should be configured”
“Survey Root ID
<!–Zero or more repetitions:–>
<ValuationCollectionUUID>00163E12-BA69-1EE5-B9C5-182304D5BB97</ValuationCollectionUUID> “This has to be a new UUID when attaching the survey to the Visit for the first time
<!–Zero or more repetitions:–>
“Valuation UUID can be blank when attaching survey for the first time, but must be filled for update cases
<QuestionUUID>00163E12-BA69-1EE5-B9C4-C5E9F681DA63</QuestionUUID>Survey-> Element UUID
<QuestionOptionUUID>00163E12-BA69-1EE5-B9C4-CA74CB0D5A95</QuestionOptionUUID>>Survey -> Element Value UUID
<Amount currencyCode=“USD”>234</Amount>
” Visit’s UUID, this is the important field when attaching the survey to a Visit, not needed for update cases where survey is already attached to the corresponding visit

“Visit’s BTD Type Code, as mentioned above in the same manner this is also not needed for update cases where survey is already attached to the corresponding visit


3 Communication Arrangement

In the communication arrangement, communication settings must be made for both inbound and outbound communications

It is an Asynchronous service thus it sends the response back only for successful web service calls via a separate message for the confirmation of posting

Note : for failed messages / failed postings there is no response back to the calling application (In C4C general A2A Asynchronous services do not send the error messages / failure notification of failed messages/web services call)

We have attached two files “Survey A2A Manage Response Structure.txt“, “Communication Arrangement Overview.JPG” for your reference,  and also the above sample xml should guide you through the forming of web service call structure

I hope this document has been helpful . Please leave a comment in case you want us to explain anything more about this topic.

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