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Which one is bigger 9.7.1 or 9.5.6?

I wanted to upgrade Instroscope Enterprisee Manager of our Solution Manager 7.1 SP12.

I checked the note 797147 – Introscope Installation for SAP Customers and understood that “Latest available release on Service Marketplace for Solution Manager 7.10 is Introscope 9.7.” The note was giving me the related release note with “Release notes for Introscope 9.7:   SAP Note 2138309”. And there were also Setup guide for Introscope SAP End User Edition at -> SAP Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> Release 7.1|7.2 -> Additional Guides – Introscope -> Introscope Setup Guide <version>.

I went through the note 2138309 – Introscope 9.7 Release Notes for changes and open issues and found that Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 (LM-SERVICE 7.10 SP12 Patch 4, see Note 2135447) was enough for for Introscope 9.7. I checked the SP level of LM-SERVICE. It was 7.10 SP12 Patch 0. So I upgraded it to Patch with the help of the note 2135447 – LM-SERVICE 7.10 SP12 Patch 4

After these checks I downloaded the Introscope Version 9.7 Installation Guide For SAP and started upgrading Instroscope according to the procedure. The wiki Upgrade Introscope Enterprise Manager helped me to succeed the upgrade, too.

I discovered th new IEM, assigned the DAA, I could open webview, workstation of IEM. Everything was okey except the status of the IEM. It was not green and I could not get EM Status Info. EM Admin UI screen was like below;


The status of the IEM can be seen on SM Administration workcenter –> Infrastructure –> Introscope screen, too. There were also “Enterprise Manager solmanhost:6001 is offline” error message on the screen.


I tried changind IEM user and passwords, checked and applied below notes, KBAs and scn discussions.

1771826 – SOLMAN_SETUP activities fail with ‘All configured Enterprise Managers are offline’

950886 – Managed System automatic configuration step ‘Introscope Host Adaptor’ returns “Retrieving list of Enterprise Managers failed: All configured Enterprise Managers are offline – check configuration” in Solution Manager 7.10

2038112 – Basic step “Configure CA Wily Introscope” showing working Enterprise Manager is/are offline – Solution Manager 7.10

2198743 – Enterprise Manager is offline ” [Manager.UserManagementService] “<USER>” Failed to login from host “localhost” “

Neither of them helped me to solve the issue. IEM status was not okey and port 6001 was offline always.

So I asked one of my colleague at our office about the issue and he told me that he also had the same problem before and he advised me to apply 9.5.6 version of IEM.

That solved my problem. Here is the EM Admin screen and EM Status Info screen for 9.5.6.


Although the notes was saying that IIEM 9.7.1 is okey for SM 7.1 SP12 with LM-SERVICE, our Solution Manager did not accept IEM 9.7.1.

After some time loss I have a working and upgraded IEM for my Solution Manager system. That’s great.

As a conclusion, If I come to the question in the header; since 9.5.6 version worked for my system, 9.5.6 is bigger than 9.7.1. 🙂

I hope no one encounters this kind of issues and loses time.


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      wow, thanks so much, this help me too.

      Works for me