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SAP Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services: Innovating with Partners to Maximize Customer Success

Your One Stop Shop for Co-Innovation

The SAP Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services is a partner’s one stop shop for co-innovation with SAP.  The team’s vision is to innovate with partners to maximize customer success, while offering its service along the partner innovation lifecycle to accelerate market adoption of SAP platforms and technologies.

In order to assist partners with various technical needs, the following teams form part of the SAP Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services teams to act as trusted advisors during the innovation lifecycle:

  • SAP Integration and Certification Center: Open program for certification of partner solutions.
  • SAP HANA Partner Engineering: Technical enablement, development consulting and partner liaison to SAP expert network.
  • SAP Outsourcing Partner Certifications: Open program for certification of outsourcing partners.
  • Partner Qualification: Strategic partner products qualified to ensure qualify compliance across SAP product standards.
  • Partner Validation: Offering early exposure on new SAP releases to partners.

Your Trusted Advisor Through the Innovation Process

This organization becomes a trusted advisor through the innovation process with partners to build applications or products across four stages: Initiate, Build, Verify, and Publish, while offering the right services to meet their needs at the right time.

During each stage the following takes place:

  • Initiate: Discover, Assess, Onboard
    • Discuss viability and feasibility.
    • Adapt and offer tailored services.
  • Build: Enable, Consult, Integrate and Co-Innovate
    • Targeted enablement.
    • Technical and integration consulting.
    • Co-Innovation opportunities with access to SAP Experts.
  • Verify: Qualify and Certify
    • Qualification, certification, and testing services for software, hardware, and operations of SAP solutons.
  • Publish: Release to Market
    • Exposure within SAP and to broader SAP ecosystem.
    • Branding with SAP Certification and Go-To-Market handover.

Co-Innovated with SAP Package for SAP Partners

The Co-Innovated with SAP Package is a service suitable for partners, who are not familiar with SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP) and require a lot of hand-holding through the development process.  This also ensures partners conform to SAP’s technical guidelines and meets the pre-requisites for certification with SAP HCP.

In the end, partners will receive two logos:

  • Co-Innovated with SAP: Since there was technical collaboration through the product development lifecycle to build your application on SAP HCP.
  • SAP Certified: Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform: Once productized, you can monetize your IP via a certification program with SAP HCP.

For more information, please contact to learn more about this service and other related items.

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