The behavior of checkbox (aka. indicator, boolean, etc.) fields in the C4C Migration Workbench can be confusing when using the modify mode. With this blog post I want to explain the behavior.

C4C Migration Workbench – Modify Mode

The Modify mode is used to update individual fields of already migrated records, e.g. update the ABC-Classification of an already migrated Account. You can change the migration mode for each migration file in the Properties window, which opens when clicking on the Properties button.

Don’t confuse the Modify Mode with the Enhance Mode, which is used to upload new entries in sheets for already migrated objects, e.g. upload additional Addresses for an already migrated Customer.

The description of the Modify mode says Migration mode to modify field contents only for those fields for which there is an entry in the template. Blank field contents are ignored. For example, to populate new field extensions. – But this is not valid for checkbox fields, like the Prospect field in Accounts. – This is what this blog post is about.

The Migration workbench knows 2 values for checkbox fields, “X” and “empty”. Where X means true (checked) and empty means false (unchecked). Given that, checkbox fields are never considered as blank. This means that if you leave a checkbox field empty while using the Modify mode, the field will be set to false – no matter what the value was before.

In my previous example, where I want to update the ABC classification (or any other field on the root node) of an account which has the Prospect flag checked (= true), I must maintain the Prospect field as X in the migration file for all records where the Prospect flag shall remain checked. Otherwise the empty value in this record will be interpreted as false and the Prospect becomes a Customer by mistake.

This behavior is valid for all other checkbox fields (standard and custom) in all other migration files as well. – be aware of it when using the Modify mode in the Migration Workbench.

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