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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – All About Integration (No Longer Updated)


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This blog serves as a one-point-reference for all SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) integration content, and is updated every release. I am consolidating all the existing resources here, and have introduced a Troubleshooting section. Here, you will find FAQs related to specific topics. Feel free to ask questions on these blogs, as the team that developed the content is monitoring the SCN blog comments, and will respond to your queries.

You will find all the official guides on SAP Service Marketplace(SMP).

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Getting Started
High-level information on C4C integration

Know more about C4C Expert Services
C4C Expert Services (One time registration required)

Videos: Not up-to-date, but will serve as an overview for someone who is new to integration:
C4C-ERP Demo 1
C4C-ERP Demo 2
C4C-CRM Demo1
C4C-CRM Demo 2


During Integration
Information that can be used to configure and set up C4C integration


More blogs to come in the next release. Log back in during 1711 release.

Troubleshoot Problems
Frequently asked questions on CRM and ERP integration

User Experience Blogs *New*
Initial Load from CRM-C4C
Power of OData

Please leave a comment, if you want your C4C blog linked here.


Before you start integrating C4C with any product

While it is common to jump into integration activities, it is also important to:

  • Involve people skilled in SAP middleware, technical connectivity, and the product being integrated with C4C
  • Meticulously understand your company’s business requirement
  • Go through the integration guides available for your integration topic to understand the technical aspects
  • Know how to use the following enablement material, which will come in handy during implementation:
    • Basic message monitoring to help you analyze an issue ** (info coming soon)
    • What information can you get from the integration flow excel ** (info coming soon)
    • How to use the mapping description files ** (info coming soon)

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We have standard pre-packed integration to connect SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer with:


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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


C4C integration with Employee Central is currently a point-to-point integration, without any SAP middleware. You have the following collateral with information:



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SAP CRM/ERP Integration

Here, you will find host of information to help understand various phases of configuration in CRM/ERP integration

SAP Notes

Important Notes for CRM Integration

Important Notes for ERP Integration


HCI Configuration

These how-to guides describe how to configure C4C with CRM/ERP using SAP HANA Cloud Integration


PI Configuration

How-to guides by RDS – These guides describe configuration of C4C with ERP or CRM using SAP NetWeaver Process integration


Initial Load


Extending Integration Content


SSL configuration

SSL is used for communication from C4C to your on-premise applications.  Additionally, C4C uses X.509 certificates for secure communication.  These how-to guides describe SSL configuration for ABAP, Java, and how to configure X.509 for PI.



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OData or SOAP APIs


API Overview

  • Integration Guide for Custom Data on SAP Help Portal – Overview of various architecture options for exchanging data between your SAP Cloud solutions and an external solution




ODATA Services






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HCP: SAP HANA Cloud Platform & SAP HANA Cloud Portal

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Jam Integration

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Tenant Management

Tenant Management when using SDK and Integration


Tenant Refresh

Tenant refresh adoption process for integration – Part 1

Tenant refresh adoption process for integration – Part 2

Tenant refresh adoption process for integration – Part 3


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If you have any request, suggestion, or issues with any content available on the blog, please leave your thoughts as comments, and I will get back to you. Looking forward to bringing the developers close to customers!!!

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  • Thanks a lot Sapna for the Blog,may I check with you if there is a blog, document, or link which refers about the general concepts of number range and its behavior in different scenarios.

    • Hi Bharath, We do not have a document on number ranges, except for the info in the ERP/CRM IMG guides. We will add this to the pipeline of documents/blogs that we plan to write in the next release.

      • Dear Sapna,

        we are integrating CRM 7 and C4C, currently.

        However,  we found an inconsistency in the number mapping and can not process with our implementation. Did you release the guide you mentioned in your post, already?

        If there is no guide, kindly explain the number range logic between C4C and CRM 7.

        1. Will there be different internal and external IDs, or are the number supposed to be identical? The implementation guide suggests identical numbers, which leads to question no. 2:
        2. If the IDs are identical, how can a bidirectional interface be established without the risk of inconsistent data?
        3. Is there no finetuning option for CRM integration? I know the ERP option, but it is ignored by the communication arrangement for CRM. The payload only contains the internal ID, which leads to question no. 4:
        4. The HCI iflow has a mapping for InternalID and ReceiverInternalID. However, there is no ReceiverInternalID in the payload to be mapped (see 3.). Is the iflow wrong or are we missing something?

        Thanks for your help and regards,



  • Hi experts.


    Can you help me with any documentation where i can read more about replication of organizational management from ERP to C4C,please?


    Best regards.

  • What data export facilities exist within C4C?  Do we offer:


    1. 1. Batch export to support an initial load of an EDW
    2. 2. Delta updates?  If yes are they available:
      1. a.       in real time as the occur
      2. b.      as a nightly/hourly/or some other frequency extract
    3. 3. What technology is used? Is it Data Services, SLT or something else?


    Any diagrams or other materials would be greatly appreciated. 




  • Hello Sapna,

    we would like to integrate SAP C4C with SAP ERP ECC 6.00 EHP 8 using SAP PI. We assume that we need the CODERINT 600 ADDON Installation in our SAP ERP. Unfortunately we are facing Problems by the installation. We already opened a incident by the SAP and we just received the answer. There ist no C4C ADDON for SAP ERP ECC 6.0 EHP8.

    Is there any intention from SAP to release the mentioned ADDON for SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8 in the near future ? Have you pls any Information about this ?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Sapna,
    We are integrating C4C with ECC using PI. Do we need to have license for each sales employee to integrate their C4C login with ECC for quotes and sales order creation?? Kindly suggest

  • Hi Sapna,

    Can we integrate C4C with ECC 5.0 ?

    Please answer this question -

  • Hi,

    I have a scenario of creating prospect in C4C and once it’s converted to customer it will need to be replicated to ECC. And then the updates from ECC should come back to C4C. Is this feasible? The question i have is as follows:

    1. When i trigger the message from C4C->ECC will it update the ID mapping so that the incoming message from ECC picks this up and updates the correct prospect?
    2. Is there any other way of achieving this scenario

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Can anyone suggest the best approach for integrating third party systems like Microsoft CRM and SFDC with hybris marketing on Premise/Cloud. Please provide the technical guides or links for the same.




  • Hello Sapna,

    Please can you guide us to get more details about integration between Hybris C4C and ERP-IS-U. Even though we have obtained the following information, it is not giving a clear picture on how to integrate Hybris C4C and ERP-IS-U using HCI. There are few pointers using PI on Contact Center part but not on 'B2B Sales' using HCI.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Sujith Kumar Naithalath.

    • Hi Sujith,

      With this blog, we are currently concentrating on information related to Integration between SAP Hybris C4C with SAP On Premise including information related to OData and Data Workbench. Will take up your query and include them in our upcoming updates to the blog.


  • The link

    How-to guides by RDS – These guides describe configuration of C4C with ERP or CRM using SAP NetWeaver Process integration

    is missing a : after http and that's why it doesn't work, could you fix it?

  • awesome blog Sapna, currently we are implementing SAP C4C with SAP ECC on-premise integration. we are experiencing challenges in syncing data from ECC to C4C. whereas the data sync between C4C to ECC is not happening. We have been followed integration setups as per SAP best practices and documentation. Any help appreciated.




    • Hello Ravi,

      Integration guides have all information related to your requirement. If you are facing issues related to specific scenario, request you to raise an incident / check the discussion at


  • Hi Sapna,

    Thanks for the article.

    By the way about the C4C Service Ticket Header information Odata service, i created a custom odata service for ServiceRequestCollection and add all the fields for that. Solved the issue.




    • Hello Antony,

      Thank you for taking time out to write your appreciation for our blog.

      Will strive to keep information up to date in the blog going forward.



    Hi, experts.

    Actually i´m doing an integration between ERP and C4C. So into ERP there are reading restrictions that determine if sales rep. can or can not see specific customers according to Sales organization, Distribution channel, Sector, Sales office and Sales groups.

    Is there any way to keep this reading restrictions when customers got migrated to C4C?

    Best regards.

  • Thanks for the excellent blog.

    Above mentioned docs are not there, looks archived -please upload them.


    Kind Regards,



  • Hi Sapna,

    is it possible to maintain  a code list mapping in C4C to map the master data or transaction data with external third party systems.i mean similar like mapping with SAP  systems.  Any work around to avoid the coding in sdk for this case?


    • Hi Vijay,

      In standard scenario this feature cannot be achieved. You will not be able to use code list mapping. ID mapping can be achieved using custom implementation. In case you need further support for such scenario, kindly contact C4C expert services.


  • Hi Sapna,

    Thank you very much for this extensive and good blog post. Unfortunately, many of the links provided are no longer available due to the move to help. sap. com. Maybe it would be possible to update them? That would be great.

    Thank you very much,

    Fabian Orth

    • Hi Fabian,

      We are working on updating the blog content with relevant information and links. Thanks for pointing this out.

      Best Regards,

  • Hi Sapna,

    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge. Can you share integration video here or my mail address @

    Many thanks



    • Hi Pradeep,

      All information will be made available either in this bog or in official SAP product documentation.

      We do not encourage sharing documents over emails.

      Thanks for understanding.

      Best Regards,



  • Hi Satish / Sapna

    Nice blog - is this as on today also the reference point for integration or there is a latest version available elsewhere?



    • Hello Rajesh,

      This blog is not an official documentation for SAP Hybris C4C Integration. This is made available to help out developers / experts / consultants to get know / troubleshoot issues related to integration.

      Official documentation is available on


    • Thanks Pavan.

      We are working on updating the blog with newer content and cleaning up non relevant information / links.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Sapna

    We have the requirement to make a BW query available to C4C.

    Where can I find the documentation where the configuration steps for the above scenario are described ?

    What are the steps that must be performed on the BW System to make the query accessible from C4C ?


  • Very informative page and a massive thank you for this!


    However I regret to report that all links under 'Initial Load' are either broken or point to a page which has defunct links. Please update.

        • Ok, now you should configure and deploy the correct artifacts on SCPI and configure rcod_connectivity on ECC / S4.

          Let me know if you find some issue with that.

          A screenshot would be usefull to understand better the issue and help.

          • Please let me know the configurations that needs to be done on the C4C side other than Pricing Procedures?

            Also in the below screenshot , we have maintained External Condition Types and External Pricing Procedures.. anything else needs to be maintained?


          • With the Business Configuration--> Activity List, you are OK.

            No need to configure further than what you have already done in 'External Condition Types' and 'External pricing procedure'.

            Now you should configure in General Settings--> communication systems and General Settings--> communication arrangements

          • Hi

            I have done the configurations in c4c.. thank you..


            Can you pls let me know what are the configurations to be done in S4 and CPI and also about the iflows in CPI that needs to be activated.

            Awaiting your response.




            on S/4 HANA:

            • Launch RCOD_CONNECTIVITY T-code and follow the steps till the end

            on SCPI activate integration package with S/4 HANA and then configure and deploy those artifacts:

            • Replicate Sales Order and Sales Quote from SAP Business Suite
            • Create Sales Quote Follow Up Document in SAP Business Suite
            • Confirm Customer Order Replication to SAP Business Suite
            • Request Sales Document Data from SAP Business Suite