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In this blog I shall outline the FAQs while using Tracing capability in SAP HANA Cloud Integration and some troubleshooting steps in case user is facing any issue while using the same.

  1. What’s version of Eclipse and HCI Tooling?
    1. User shall be using Eclipse Mars.2 and latest version of HCI tooling. (installation instructions are available at https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#hci )
      1. Eclipse versions older than Mars are not supported by SAP HCI and tracing feature would not work there. (i.e. Eclipse Luna/Kepler etc.)
  2. Is tracing enabled at integration flow level?
    1. Tracing must be enabled at integration flow level configuration and after enabling this, deployment of the integration needs to be done again for viewing the trace data.
    2. Integration Flow Level Configuration Tracing.png
  3. Is tracing enabled at tenant level?
    1. Tracing must be enabled on the tenant via tenant configuration. (Configuration can be enabled by SAP HCI Cloud Support [a])
  4. Has the tenant configuration for tracing expired by the time user is trying to use trace after tracing was enabled on given tenant? [b]
    1. View trace is done within expiry period of trace configuration. Default is 24 hrs (Expiry configuration can be updated by SAP HCI Cloud Support [a])
  5. Does user have required authorizations?
    1. User doing view trace must have authorization “Business Expert” assigned to him/herself.
  6. Has message processing happened after enabling the tracing configurations?
    1. Once tracing is enabled the message processing should be triggered again, customer cannot trace the messages from past which were processed before enabling trace configuration. (Run the scenario again).
  7. Was View Trace/Tracing performed within configured time of retaining the trace data. (default is 10 mins)?
    1. No trace payloads available, trace may be switched off or trace was removed post 10 minutes”. What it means is even when tracing is enabled the trace data will be removed post 10 min. View Trace shall be done within 10 min. (retention period configuration can be updated by SAP HCI Cloud support [a])
  8. Was retrigger of scenario done after enabling any of above configuration changes?
    1. In case of any changes in one of above configuration re-trigger of the message processing is needed for trace data to be made available to the user.

[a] : SAP HCI Cloud Support cab be reached at LOD-HCI-PI-OPS

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