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                                             ORACLE – DATABASE ISSUES

  1. ORA-12541 –: tnslistener issue/tns adapter issue.

                                 [Usually this error occurs after a system copy]

         Start the listener

          lsnrctl starts

          lsnrctl start

[Check tnsnames.ora, listener.ora ]

[hostname, port, protocol, oracle home dir and enviornment variables]

     2. ORA-1017 –: uid/password  mismatch

                                   [Usually this error occurs after a system copy]

  • The SAP database is stored in the database and is owned by SCHEMA OWNER [SAPR3, SAP<SID>,SAPSR3]
  • The Schema owner password is stored in tables “dba_users” and “sapuser”

         The password of schema owner should not be changed at DB level using sqlplus tools, in turn use brtools to change the schema password will                          change in 2 tables.

     3. ORA-1631/1632 –: Max extents reached.


         Schedule a database house keeping background job in DB13/brtools/sapdba to adapt next extents [error is prompted in SM21/ST22 during runtime]


     4. ORA-1653/1654 –: Tablespace Overflow

                        [error is prompted in SM21/ST22 during runtime]

         Monitor the Database growth regularly in DB02 and ensure that DB Size should not go beyond 90%. Use brtools to extend the tablespace [by adding                the datafile each @1% of the size of the database]

         Example –: 200GB size can be extended by 2GM datafile. The datafile count should not go beyond the parameter “db_files” [254]

                             It it is not possible to extend the datafile then resize the datafile.

     5. ORA-28000 –: Schema Id Locked [Usually this error occurs after a System Copy]

                                  Schema owner locked due to wrong password.

         sqlplus > alter user SAPSR3 account unlock;

     6. ORA-1555 –: Snapshot tool old [ST22]

                              This is not occuring since Oracle 10 version… after implementing UNDO management.

         i.e, Oracle introduced auto undo management [PSAPUNDO tablespace replaces PSAPROLL]

     7. ORA-600 –: Internal Hardware Error [ST22]

                             This is an internal hardware error– Refer to “alert_SID.log” and check whether restart of DB resolves the error else communicate with SAP                                and Oracle.

     8. ORA-255 and ORA-272 –: Archive Stuck

                                                   It is displayed through SM13/SM21/ST22

         It is due to the problem with oraarch directory.

[If oraarch is full — arch stucks — lgwr stucks — logbufer full — update stucks]  — System Halts

This error is also displayed in alert_SID.log

      9. ORA-1013 –: Insufficient Privileges

Usually this error occurs after a system copy and to prevent this error run the following scripts-:

  • run sapdba_role.sql
  • run sapconn_role.sql

     10. ORA-1142 –: Tablespace in begin backup mode.

           When an online backup is scheduled and during backup if the system aborted/shutdown then this error occurs during startup of the system.

     11. ORA-1578 –: Data Block Corrution

             It is occurred while restoring the database. Use old tapes and restore that specific block into the Database and perform a consistent backup.

             Oracle “RMAN” Backup checks for the consistency of the backup and avoid above errors.

     12. ORA-1033 –: Database Connectivity failed [Check SAP Kernel Version]

     13. DB Buffers –: ST04 — 94% [db_cache_size]

     14. DB Cleanup –: DB13, brconnect -f cleanup.

     15. Next Extents –: DB02, brconnect -f next.

     16. Missing Indexes –: DB02 — create in DB02 or SE14

     17. Expensive SQL Statements — ST05 or ST12 now a days

     18. Tape Size –: tape_size is used to determine the size of the tape

            Ensure that it is not completely filled up, so that accidentally grown data is accommodated. [Ensure that atleast 30% tapes are in reserve]

      19. Bottleneck on DB –: Check memory, CPU utilization

      20. DBgrowth and Size –: It has to be monitored in DB02 and along with growth of the database on daily, weekly and monthly to forecast the storage                                                         requirement.

            The log files are deleted upon checking the consistency of the tape/disk backup.

       21. DB Stats –: DB13, brconnect -f stats.

       22. DB Check –: DB13, brconnect -f check

       23. ORA-1113 –: Required Media Recovery

You will get standard SAP notes related to these issues which can be really useful.




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