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Smart Business KPI Modeler – “Cannot Load Tile” Error

SAP Smart Business is a framework for exposing strategic (key) and operational performance indicators (KPIs, OPIs) as Fiori applications without the need to write any code. It can be used by customers, partners and SAP’s development teams for making highly aggregated analytical data accessible via Fiori Launchpad tiles.

Smart Business is released in various flavors depending on the underlying technology platform. Specifically there are the following separate Smart Business shipments:

  • Smart Business for Suite on Hana (SoH) delivery
  • Smart Business for S/4Hana delivery
  • SAP Smart Business in HANA Cloud Platform as a service (Beta Release)

Important documents and notes:

Help document on SAP Smart Business in Suite on HANA (SoH):

Overview of SAP Smart Business Cockpit for Suite on HANA (SoH)

How to create KPI, Evaluations and Tiles

Smart Business Transport Tool:

Smart Business – Redeploy HDBTI files:

Smart Business – Redeploying HDBTI files

Release notes:



In this article, I will discuss about the error “Cannot load Tile” for the KPI modeler applications.

Error: KPI Modeler – Cannot Load Tile



How to resolve the error:

Before going any further, make sure that the following requirements are met:

1.   SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0 is installed.(see note 2183947).

2.   Smart Business recommended roles are added to your ABAP front end , HANA user.


Frontend User Roles:

      /UI2/SAP_KPIFRW5_TC_R (Runtime role)

/UI2/SAP_KPIMOD_TC_R (Modeler role)


HANA User Roles:

            (Modeler Role) (Runtime Role)

3.   If you are using Smart Business with other content components like SFin, ECC, TM, EM, etc., kindly make sure to first install Smart Business HANA DU and then install the other components. This is because of the dependency of the other components on the Smart Business content.

Follow note # 2158380 for further details.

Resolving this error:

  1. Open the Console window of your browser (Preferably in Chrome). To open the console, either click F12 while on your Home Screen or go to Customize and Control Google Chrome Tab. 

        In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Developer Tools.


    2. Go to Network tab of console window.

     3.  In filter bar of network tab search for “Chips?$filter”.



4.  Check the response of the call: /sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/runtime/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata.

If its status code is 404, you need to check weather /sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/runtime/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata call is getting redirected properly to HANA system where you have installed SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0.

The above mentioned odata call is supposed to return the data for the KPI modeler tiles from the back end.

To check whether the call is getting redirected properly to HANA, call the URL:


Steps to find HANA XS Host:

  • Go to HANA studio.
  • In your backend system, right click and go to properties –> XS properties.
  • Take the URL /sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/runtime/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata  and add  <<HANA XS host>> to the link, and then launch it in new tab.

5.  If the call returns proper data in the form of an XML file, it means your HANA database is working fine and the issue is with the configuration of web dispatcher since the web dispatcher was not able to re-direct the call properly to the back end.

You can follow the Help Document of Smart Business to configure the web dispatcher:

Kindly contact the web dispatcher team for any further assistance.

6.  If the call using HANA XS port gives some error or it returns an empty array, then the problem is with the HANA database.

You need to check weather all entities are properly activated in HANA and that there are no broken HDBTI files in your HANA system.

7.  To check this, run the below query in your HANA database :

select * from “_SYS_REPO”.”ACTIVE_OBJECT” where object_suffix = ‘hdbti’ and object_status > 0;

This query returns the list of all broken or inactive HDBTI files in your HANA system.

8.  If the above query returns an empty result, kindly contact Smart Business for further analysis.

9.  If the above query returns a list of HDBTI files, it means some files in your HANA database are not activated properly.

10.  To overcome this issue, you need to re-deploy all the HDBTI files contained in various packages installed in your HANA database simultaneously.


11. Steps to follow while re-deploying the HDBTI files are mentioned in

Smart Business – Redeploying HDBTI files

12. If you face an error like “Overlapping key issue”, it means you have left out some HDBTI files while re-deploying. Kindly deploy again.

13.While re-deploying the HDBTI files if you see an error as “23 22 column mismatch”, it means that there is some issue with the compatibility of the installed Smart Business components. Kindly follow note #2125939 for further details.

14. In case there is some issue with compatibility, kindly correct the installation of the packages and go back to step 7. If the query now returns an empty result, check if the KPI modeler tiles return data on your Launchpad screen. If yes, the issue is resolved. If no, go to step 11.

15. While re-deploying the HDBTI files if you see an error as “overlapping key issue”, it means that you have left out some HDBTI files while re-deployment. Re-deploy again making sure that all the HDBTI files contained in all the packages installed by you are re-deployed together.

Once the web dispatcher is properly configured, the components are compatible and all the HDBTI files are active in your HANA database, you will be able to resolve the issue. If you still face some issue, contact the Smart Business Application Team for further assistance.

I hope the above solutions works for you 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Jason Muzzy
      Jason Muzzy

      Very helpful, thank you.

      Author's profile photo Dake Liu
      Dake Liu

      Fantastic summary! Big thanks!

      Author's profile photo Mauricio Ramírez Cuevas
      Mauricio Ramírez Cuevas

      Hello Tanu,
      Excellent information, thank you.

      I wonder If you can give to me your point of view with this case:
      We have this issue right now (your point #3), the URL is trying to reach gateway server instead of HANA server(is not redirecting).
      We tested the xsodata service in HDB and it looks like is working fine (shows XML content).
      As per my understanding in point #5, this issue could be related with web dispatcher, however we are not using webdispatcher, we got this issue accessing directly to Fiori lauch pad in gateway server.
      Can you please give a hint about what other cause could be happening in this scenario?
      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Nissim Sraya
      Nissim Sraya

      Hello Tanu,
      Excellent information, thanks, I am facing the same issue, In my case I have front-end (SID=GTA), back-end (SID=HDV) HANA DB, and web dispatcher, according to my understanding I need to install SAP ANALYTICS FOUNDATION 1.0 on my back-end, is it right ?


      Author's profile photo Sohil Shah
      Sohil Shah

      Thanks for the step by step details. Quick question: Is this relevant for 1709 system as well ?

      Author's profile photo 1234SOL ---TECH-USER---
      1234SOL ---TECH-USER---

      Hi Tanu

      For me this error appears in the chips, but when I run /sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata;o=HANA/Catalogs('HANA_CATALOG_MODELE with the name of the sap server hana returns appropriate data in the form of an XML file.

      The problem is in the sap web dispatcher that parameters in the profile valid for it to work correctly.

      And how can I change database from sap to another as it is pointing sap gateway qas to sap hana prd